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Manage Your Stress

Did you realize you're a manager?  If you have children, [...]

The Burpee (UGH!)

Anyone who has watched or participated in any type of [...]

A Little Kindness

So, How Important Is A Little Kindness? In a study [...]


When you think about gentleness, what's the first image that [...]


Fruit of the Spirit - Peace The word ‘peace’ appears [...]

Journey’s End 2022

2022 Summer Journey's End You'll reach your limit at [...]

Summer Journey #8: Ephesus

Welcome to Journey Milestone #8 Ephesus! Can you believe it?  [...]

Summer Journey Milestone #7: Pergamum

Welcome to Summer Journey Milestone #7: Pergamum! In the Bible….  [...]

Summer Milestone #6: Sardis

Welcome to Turkey Summer Milestone #6:  Sardis! In the Bible….  [...]

Turkey Milestone #5: Hierapolis

Welcome to Turkey Milestone #5:  Hierapolis! In the Bible….  The Apostle Paul [...]

Summer Milestone #4: Laodicea

Trekking across Turkey surely is interesting!  What's our next stop? [...]

Summer Journey Milestone #3: Antalya

Welcome to Summer Journey Milestone #3: Antayla! So, two milestones [...]

Journey Milestone 2 : Aphrodisias

Summer Journey Through Turkey Milestone #2: Aphrodisias Join MissionFiT Athletes [...]

Summer Journey: Turkey Milestone #1

Welcome to Summer Journey: Turkey Milestone #1:  ANTIOCH! MissionFiT athletes [...]

ISI 2022 Top Athletes

May 2022 has come and gone.  And so has the [...]

Hydrate Regularly

Water covers about 70% of the earth's surface.  Water is [...]

Trek Through Turkey!

Summer's here!  That means it's time for MissionFiT's Summer Journey.  [...]

ISI Workout #4

So close...yet so far away.  It's time for ISI Workout [...]

ISI Workout #3

The middle of the month means the middle of Iron [...]

2022 Teen Summer Program

Looking for a local alternative to summer camp?  Look no [...]


FRUCTOSE Do You Really Want This in Your Diet? A [...]

Gracious Goodness!

Isn't that saying "goodness gracious?"  Maybe you're wondering if, all [...]

ISI 2022 Workout #2

It's the second week in May 2022 and time for [...]

ISI 2022 Workout #1

ISI 2022 Workout #1 If you are new to the [...]

Go Green!

Spring has sprung - outside and in the gym.  MissionFiT [...]

ISI Athletic Challenge

May means warmer temperatures, pretty flowers and "Spring Fever".  For [...]


Great Is My Faithfulness? Recall the old hymn "Great Is [...]

April Fruit Challenge!

Did you know?... Our intake for fruit needs to be [...]

“March” Toward Patience

The fourth fruit of the Spirit is patience. The word [...]

Eat Your Vegetables!

If you were more a "junk food junkie" than a [...]

2022 New-Trition Challenge Winners

The MissionFiT New-Trition Challenge 2022 Names Winners! The first nutrition [...]


WHAT IS LOVE? The greatest gift from God!  The Bible [...]

Spiritual Self-Control

In 2022, MissionFiT will help athletes explore the spiritual aspects [...]

Worn Paths & New Trails

  Worn Paths & New Trails MissionFiT as an organization [...]

2022 New-Trition Challenge

MissionFiT's 2022 New-Trition Challenge! New-Trition?  Sure!  New Year = New-Trition.  [...]

Progress…Not Perfection

Progress...Not Perfection As a new year begins, many people look [...]

“Stress Emergency” Planning

Imagine the following conversation: "911 - What's Your Emergency?"  "Do [...]

Turkey Trot 5K

Lace up your running shoes and strap on your pack [...]

Shoes Make The Athlete

Coach K recently fielded a question from an athlete about [...]

Start At The Top!

The 5 Fold Fitness model touted by MissionFiT specifically encourages [...]

Your Health Matters

In conjunction with his message series "Winning Habits", Pastor Brian [...]

Stretching Under The Stars

Let's look at some benefits to Stretching Under The Stars [...]

What Do I Crave?

MissionFiT offers a new Bible/book study based on the book [...]

Adventure to Athens Winners

It's been a long, hot summer!  But MissionFiT Teams ran, [...]

What’s My Goal?

What's My Goal? At MissionFiT, each quarter finds athletes taking [...]

New Restore Plan This Fall

MissionFiT is growing and with that growth come some change [...]

New Seminars: Barbell Movement & Pose Running

MissionFiT Helps Athletes Through New Seminars:  Barbell Movement & Pose [...]

Physical Therapy For Women

MissionFiT welcomes local Physical Therapist Kristin Hietbrink conducting a health [...]

Time To ReStart!

Fall Means It's Time To ReStart The Heart! The MissionFiT [...]

Forge Through The Greek Empire

MissionFiT Athletes Forge Their Way Through Greek The Empire No [...]

Teach An Old Brain New Tricks

Develop Neuroplasticity:  Learn Five "New" Tricks You Can Teach Your [...]

Traveling Toward Athens!

Keep Up With MissionFiT Athletes Traveling Toward Athens This summer, [...]

A “Method” To The Madness

There Is A "Method" To Running Madness.  Learn To Run [...]

MissionFiT’s New Class

Come Join MissionFiT's Newest Class:  RECLAIM MissionFiT is intentional about [...]

3-2-1-Go Adventure to Athens!

3-2-1-Go Adventure to Athens!     Let the races begin! [...]

ISI 2021 Competition Winners

MissionFiT Announces The "Iron Sharpens Iron" (ISI) 2021 Competition Winners [...]

Workout On Vacation!

Want To Schedule A Workout On Vacation?  MissionFiT Has You [...]

2021 Summer Journey: Adventure to Athens!

The 2021 MissionFiT Summer Journey: Let's Adventure to Athens!   [...]

Week #4 ISI 2021

You Made It!  This Is Week #4 of the ISI [...]

Week #3 ISI 2021

You Made The Halfway Mark.  This Is Week #3 ISI [...]

Week #2 ISI 2021

One Down, Three To Go.  Week #2 of ISI 2021 [...]

Week 1 ISI 2021

Get Ready!  The Workout For ISI 2021 Week 1 Is [...]

“Anxious For Nothing”

"But This Is REAL To Me!  How Can You Say [...]

Preventing Wrinkles or Promoting Health?

Promoting Your Healthy Journey AND Preventing Wrinkles Can Co-Exist Do [...]

The Individuality of Weight Loss

Weight Loss Is As Individual As You Are! The Bible [...]

Why Doesn’t God?

Do You Ever Ask "Why Doesn't God...?" At some point [...]

Is There Meaning In Grief?

Discovering Meaning In Grief & Loss Benjamin Franklin is generally [...]

Macros: Building Blocks To Good Health

Using Macros & Building A Healthy Lifestyle If you’re into [...]

Neural Mural

Check out our Neural Mural! We're having fun building neural [...]

The Far Reaching Effects of COVID

COVID Leaves Longer Lasting And Far Reaching Effects.  But You [...]

A New Year Means Check-Ups

Don’t Forget Your Check-Up For The New Year A new [...]

PTSD & Trauma: Struggling & Getting Help

Are You Struggling With PTSD Or Trauma And Not Getting [...]

“RESTORE” Adds New Features!

"RESTORE" Class Adds New Features To Each Session! If you [...]

Inside Out Fitness

Fitness:  Inside Out The first thing you might think of [...]

2021 Nutrition Challenge

MissionFiT's 2021 Nutrition Challenge Is Here! MissionFiT athletes get ready!  [...]

2020: A Year-End Review

2020:  A Special Year-End Review 2020 is a "special" year [...]

Seek the City Small Group Events

Seek The City Small Group Events!   Seek The City [...]

Welcome Nayda Martinez!

Let's Welcome Nayda Martinez to the MissionFiT Team! Need a [...]

Seek the City Challenge

Seek the City Challenge is here! Challenge Yourself to Seek [...]

Big Rocks & Health

What Are Your Big Rocks?  Do They Impact Your Health? [...]

MissionFiT Wants You!

MissionFiT Wants You....To Take Back Your Health The MissionFiT team [...]

Women’s Health Night #4, Hormones with Laura Puckett

Women's Health Night #4, Hormones with Laura Puckett     [...]

Why We Mobilize

mo·bil·i·ty  noun   the ability to move or be moved [...]

Challenge The National Parks! Week 7

It's Week 7 of Challenge The National Parks! Having passed [...]

Homeschool Health & P.E. Fall Registration Now Open!

Homeschool Health & P.E. Fall Registration Now Open! Parents spend [...]

Best Vitamins and Minerals for Boosting the Immune System

Best Vitamins and Minerals for Boosting the Immune System This [...]

Challenge The National Parks! Week 6

Challenge The National Parks! Week 6 Wow!  Week 6 of [...]

Boosting Immunity: Women’s Health Night #2

Boosting Immunity:  Women's Health Night #2 Keiran Llaneza, P.A. joined [...]

Remember Your Body

Do You "Remember Your Body"? Recently, Pastor David Chadwick, wrote a [...]

Five Week Women’s Health Series

Five Week Women's Health Series You Won't Want To Miss! [...]

MissionFiT’s Summer Journey: National Parks Expedition Challenge

Join MissionFiT's Summer Journey! National Parks Expedition Challenge From coast [...]

Maintain Momentum

Maintain Momentum Health Habits for Sustained Ministry Impact These unique [...]

MissionFiT’s Sally Hentz

MissionFiT's Sally Hentz In addition to being MissionFiT's Wellness Challenge [...]

Does Pride Keep You From “Community”?

Does Pride Keep You From "Community"? "Check Your Ego At [...]