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Iron Sharpens Iron Event #1

Here it is!  The moment MissionFit Athletes across the Charlotte-Metro area have been waiting for…

Iron Sharpens Iron!


Iron Sharpens Iron consists of four workouts occurring over four weeks, beginning with workout #1 on Monday, March 9, 2020. A new workout will be released every Monday afternoon during the four weeks of Iron Sharpens Iron. This is a PARTNER competition (female teams + male team, no co-ed teams for this event). Partners will register with a team name and both partners must complete each workout.  After the workout is released, any athlete who has registered will have until 9 pm on Sunday of that week to submit their best score online. Workouts can be done wherever is most convenient for you, whether that’s your home, church, or gym.  All we require is a selfie pic of proof that you completed the workout. 🙂

Leader Board:

Teams submit a CUMULATIVE score each week.  Remember:  Both scores play into the standings on the leader board, so it’s important that BOTH partners complete the workout for the week.   Since this is Week #1 of the event, everyone starts clean and fresh!

Without further ado…

Iron Sharpens Iron Event #1

Part 1:

Longest Time Plank Hold; Rest 2 minutes

Partners add up their cumulative plank hold time

Part 2:

1 minute Push-up test (chest must hit ground) Men from toes, Ladies from knees; Rest 2 minutes

Partners add up their cumulative Push-up score

Part 3:

1 minute Kettle Bell Swing test (Men< 50 yrs swing 30 pounds, men>50 yrs. swing 25 pounds. Women < 50 yrs. swing 25 pounds, women >50 yrs. swing 20 pounds)
Partners add up their cumulative Kettle Bell swings score

The Team will submit a total of three scores (one for each part of the workout) to complete workout #1.

Watch the video for more details!

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