Six Things Soldiers and Pastors Have in Common That You Should Know

Intriguing title here, right? Pastors reading this, you're probably thinking 'What could I possibly have in common with a military guy'. In our heads, pastors actually have quite a bit in common with them.   Six Things Soldiers and Pastors Have in Common That You Should Know: 1. They train really hard for the field but really can't comprehend the depth of [...]

Fitness Community Doing Kingdom Work

We've found fitness to be a wonderful platform for the Gospel time and time again. Whether thats evangelizing, discipleship, fellowship, or serving like here. Our friends at Faith Rx'd shared this beautiful story of a fitness community coming together to serve a preschool in North Nashville, called Leaps N Bounds Preschool. CrossFitters are known for being over the top strong. So [...]

Workout Motivation from Faith Rx’d

  We recently shared several verses for workout motivation. Well, here today is a little more workout motivation from our friends at Faith Rx'd. If you're not familiar, Faith Rx'd is an organization that strives to strengthen the fitness community for Christ-centered living and impact.   Check out this great post from one of their chaplain leaders:   "This past [...]

Super FiT Christian Leader You MUST Get to Know!

This is a Super FiT Christian leader you MUST get to know! He's physically fit AND Spiritually fit. He's a heck of a fitness competitor, one of the strongest people we know. And a heck of a leader, disciplining dozens every year and leading more to Christ all the time. So without further adieu, this Testimony Tuesday we introduce to [...]

Choosing Suffering Over Sin

"When you’re tired, hurting, and all alone, do you choose the hard right or the easy wrong? Character challenges you to choose suffering over sin." ....great spiritual fitness article from our friends at Faith Rx'd

FiTness Testimony from Professional Athlete, Becky Conzelman

Hear a Fitness Testimony from a professional athlete. Many professional athletes get caught up "in the world" over time, but not this woman. Meet Becky Conzelman; two sport professional athlete, wife, super-mom, founder of non-profit, Faith Rx'd, and most importantly super follower of Christ! She's also a dear friend of this ministry. As you know, we are all about Christian [...]

Hear Kathi Graves Inspiring Fitness Testimony!

Hear Kathi Graves inspiring Fitness Testimony! She is a solid follower of Christ and a perfect example of how to steward your temple. She's passionate about eating clean and working out at a local CrossFit, here in Charlotte. She never gives up and she always looks great doing it! ;) A woman of true fashion to follow too.   "My [...]