Seek The City Small Group Events!

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Seek The City Small Group Events Begin!

As noted in the event promo, there are a few of the challenges MissionFiT iss offering as “Community” events.  Remember, you have the option of completing the events solo or as a team/group.  So, if you are looking for a little company,  here is the event list:


Nerf Gun Range – Challenge #1

Seek the City Small Group Nerf Event

November 20th, 10am at The Elmore House.  Test your skills!  Amaze your friends! Enjoy the great outdoors!


Ruck/Serve – Challenge #’s  2+19…and possibly #13

November 20th, 10:30am

Come join the fun!  Departing from the Elmore house, a group will begin a ruck march to Matthews Help Center.  Plan to pack your pack full of goodies for the Matthews Help Center!

Have you got the time?   Stay in Matthews and do Challenge #13 and learn some of the History of Matthews


Top Golf – Challenge #7

Seek The City Small Group Golf Event

December 11th in the afternoon (TBA) MissionFiT will give athletes a chance to hit (or lose) a few golf balls and   get a few bays at a discounted rate.  Come join us!


Bike Ride Miles on the Greenways #3 + #5…and more

Seek the City by Greenway Small Group Event

Greenway Bike Trip #1

November 21st, 9-11am, meet at Brakman’s Coffee

This route will take you through the Matthews Greenway “4 Mile Creek” + include the Matthews History Challenge + Your Moms Donuts.  We plan on covering roughly 8 miles

Greenway Bike Trip #2

December 5th, 9am-12:30pm, meet at Trader Joe’s on Rea Rd.

4 Mile Creek, Lower McAlpine, Little Sugar Creek

Along the way: Visit several Historical Sites, Enjoy Lunch outside, AND grab a Donut from Suarez, Amalie’s or Duck Donuts

Greenway Bike Trip #3

December 12th, 9-10:30am, Meet at the Elmore’s home

McAlpine + Campbell Creek, 14 miles

Would you prefer some company but not a group?  Email Coach K to Find a Friend for a walk, ride or hike.