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Christian Fitness Ministry

As a Christian Fitness Ministry,  we are focused on providing Christian Fitness Programs to help leaders in the Christian community to be and stay Healthy and FiT for the Mission God has for them. Our goal is to Revive their awareness and value of health, hit the “Restart” button on their body, and then Restore health back to it. Check out our Christian Fitness Programs to strengthen the leaders of believers to be restored for the mission.



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We need to be Faithful In Training
so we can be FiT for the mission.

Are you FiT for the mission?

The Statistics

The Statistics Tell HIS Story

The Calling

The Calling for His People

The Solution

The Solution is a Process



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What Makes Us Unique

What differentiates us from other ministries and fitness companies?

  1. We have specific initiatives to care for church leadership.
  2. We train the heart, mind, soul, and strength every time.
  3. We deliver an individualized progressive & results based program within a small group experience, keeping the cost at a minimum.
  4. We take a holistic approach to wellness – not just fitness and nutrition, but full wellness practices.
  5. We make the fitness experience convenient with going TO our leaders.


Kelsey Elmore
Kelsey ElmoreFounder & Trainer
The spunky little yankee now planted in a southern world is living her dream, as Founder of MissionFiT: restoring physical health to people so they can thrive in life. Having spent the last decade in the fitness industry from owning gyms to working on a corporate level with big brands, helping launch faith based fitness entities and managing sportscasters, she is thrilled to bring her expertise over to the Christian community. With such compassion to truly impact lives, she’s always excited to start serving the next community. Shoot her an email anytime at kelsey@missionfitlife.com.

Meet Our Team

Zoe Elmore
Zoe ElmoreFiT-Team Member
Zoë is a powerful, passionate and effective Bible teacher who challenges women to live beyond their circumstances. Zoë is a beautiful servant-leader who prays for, encourages, and invests in you and the women attending your event. Described as “Captivating and charming with a dash of energy and sparkle”, her inspiring teaching impels women toward a life of intentional spirituality.
6 years of bible training with Bible Study Fellowship International
National speaker since 2000. Published articles for Proverbs 31 Ministries and is a contributing author in two books.
Dale Fletcher
Dale FletcherFiT-Team Member
With over 25 years of professional and ministerial experience in wellness, Dale loves to share biblical principles that foster whole-person health with others. To that end, his Bible study titled PathWay 2 Wholeness has transformed lives and brought healing and increased wholeness to hundreds of people.

· West Point Graduate and 20-year Army veteran
· Founder & Executive Director, Faith and Health Connection Ministry
· Vice President, Christian Coach Institute


“I really needed that conversation today. It’s been so long
since anyone has gotten on my health and exercise and
called me out on my bad habits.”

Shane Ardner, Veteran
“This workshop was an absolutely awesome experience!
More than we expected and we particularly recognized that your team
genuinely cared about our wellbeing.” 
Stanley Mills

“I think anyone who wants help getting focused on overall spiritual and physical health should definitely sign up for this workshop!”

Karen Whitlock

“I’ve grown in my confidence with overcoming obstacles,
which has helped me in my fight against sin.”

John Martyn, Missionary

I’ve learned that health affects spirituality.  Someone once said, many years ago, “When tiredness walks in, faith walks out.”  It is hard to have proper faith when are not healthy. Unhealthiness robs you of your faith.

Brent Watts, Abundant Life Pastor
“Six months ago, my total cholesterol triglycerides were high. I told my doctor to give me 6 months to see if I could make a difference. Exercise made all the difference, but when you add it to eating well and proper supplements, you have the whole package and you can’t help but succeed. Thanks MissionFiT for the role you played in my return to health.”
Debbie Bishop

My wife and I are closer now that fitness has given us new passions and talking points.”

Theo Schaffer, CMPD Chaplain


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Kelsey Elmore

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Impacting lives sets our souls on fire!

We’re always excited to start serving a new Christian leader.

Let us impact yours with total FiTness.

Shoot me an email anytime at kelsey@missionfitlife.com

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Become a MissionFiT coach

Coaches that serve under MissionFiT are a part of the MissionFiT Academy.
Our Academy prepares the heart, mind, body and soul to serve within the context of fitness and wellness. Depending on what skills the coach comes into the Academy with, we have certifications prepared to fill the gaps. All of our coaches are equipped in:

1. Fitness (performing, teaching, coaching, and modifying movement)
2. Nutrition
3. Physical wellness practices
4. Spiritual Wellness
5. Life Coaching
6. Psychology in Coaching
7. Discipleship
8. Leadership
9. Pastoral Health



Iron Eagles Logo.

MissionFiT has it’s own Foundation called Iron Eagles.

Our mission is to Renew the mind, Rebuild the body, and Restore the spirit to every veteran.

Our vision is to provide holistic wellness care for veterans so they can experience a healthier transition to civilian life.