2022 Summer Journey’s End

2022 Summer Journey's End

You’ll reach your limit at Journey’s End!

That’s right!  After eight weeks of walking, hiking, jogging and running, MissionFiT athletes can officially declare they reached the Summer Journey’s End for 2022!  And boy, everyone put their feet up at the finish line!

Summer Journey Recap

OK.  Maybe there wasn’t a nice cool latte or cold brew at the end of the road.  But, if you haven’t been following athletes’ week-to-week progress, then you missed out on some fun!   This particular summer challenge was on foot.  Athlete teams completed different distances from city to city as if they were traveling through Turkey.  Along the way, they learned about each city’s history and some quirky facts.  As well, they could look up the Biblical references for each city.  Paul, Luke and Barnabus among others visited many of these cities.   Teams accumulated points based on the number of days it took the team to complete that week’s mileage.

Additional Challenges Along The Way

Athletes also received “bonuses” in the form of points subtracted from the week’s total.  Completing activities such as swimming, trying a Turkish recipe, learning a fact and even a phrase in the native language earned a lower score throughout the event.

Teams At 2022 Summer Journey’s End

2022 Summer Journey's End

Hike the Long Trail from the MA/VT border to Canada

A handful of teams completed this 290 mile foot race.  See which teams made “birdy”, “par” or hit a “bogie” or two.  For an extra bonus, learn more about the photos used in this piece!


1st – The Desert Wanderers = 7

2nd – PL10 = 12

3rd – Who’s Counting = 13

3rd – Abs Abs Abs = 13

4th – Free Reign = 17



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