MissionFiT Teams Keep Up The Pace All The While Asking “How Far Is Athens, Anyway?”

How Far Is Athens?

A De Havilland DHC-8 400 Series operated by Olympic Air

Our intrepid travelers are keeping a good pace, virtually visiting each city and learning a little history along the way.  While the teams are a little closer to their goal, we ask “How far is Athens?”  Well, from Charlotte, NC, Athens, Greece is 5,478 miles or 8,816 kilometers.  Now that’s from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Athens International Airport.  If you fly non-stop, you’re occupying a seat for about 11 hours and 25 minutes.  Not to worry, though. The flight attendants are nice and will help you out of your seat once the Captain has turned off the seatbelt sign!  So pack your bags and get ready to “…fly the ocean in a silver plane…”

Adventure Recap:

If you missed the release, here’s the scoop on teams and the tests they will face along the way:

So far, teams have climbed almost 1,000 steps, showed a little kindness and encouragement to friends, family and even a pastor or two through hand written notes or social media ‘shout-outs’.  Let’s see how many cities the teams have visited.

Adventure To Athens Leader Board

How many cities have our MissionFiT teams conquered for Olympic Gold this week?

Rx’d All Inclusive

Honduras – 9

New Zealand – 8

Italy – 5

USA – 5

Austria – 5

Haiti – 4

Mexico – 2


Scaled All Inclusive

Kenya – 8

Greece – 5

Switzerland – 5

Madagascar – 3

Scotland – 3



Sweden – 9

Cayman Islands – 3

How Far Is Athens?


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