ISI 2021 Competition Winners

MissionFiT Announces The "Iron Sharpens Iron" (ISI) 2021 Competition Winners The month of May brought cool days, rain and flowers.  May also brought the 2021 ISI Competition to MissionFiT Athletes.  Now the competition is complete and we can announce the winners in each category.  Every athlete tested their strength, endurance, and mental toughness in each workout.  Here's a quick review [...]

Why Doesn’t God?

Do You Ever Ask "Why Doesn't God...?" At some point in our lives, ALL of us have asked "Why doesn't God...?" Suffering Is Not An Option.. Sometimes, we find ourselves in circumstances of our own making.  We make a decision on impulse.  Maybe the decision was thought out, the results were quite different from what we expected.  Sometimes, with the [...]

Is There Meaning In Grief?

Discovering Meaning In Grief & Loss Benjamin Franklin is generally credited with the quote "...but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Yet, there are other things that seem to be certain in the world, too.  One of those is the grief that accompanies death.  Sometimes, the death of a loved one is [...]

The Far Reaching Effects of COVID

COVID Leaves Longer Lasting And Far Reaching Effects.  But You Can Bounce Back. Be it a job loss or the death of family members, there's no doubt of the far reaching effects of the COVID pandemic.   If you weren't directly affected by the disease, chances are you know someone who has been.  And that effect usually involved loss.  Even so, [...]

Strong Planks = Strong Abs!

Plank Challenge : Strong Planks = Strong Abs! The calendar turned a page, the clocks are turned back and now participating MissionFiT athletes have turned flabby abs into solid 6-packs (or some resemblance thereof).  Strong Planks = Strong Abs! Recall the October Plank Challenge Types of Planks The Challenge?  Spending time supported by elbows and toes (or knees). [...]

Big Rocks & Health

What Are Your Big Rocks?  Do They Impact Your Health? What do "Big Rocks" have to with your health?  Most folks have heard the time management analogy of the "Big Rocks".  Watch this demonstration. What Are You Talking About - Big Rocks and Health? The analogy, used by Stephen Covey in his book First Things First, argues that to best [...]

The Finish Line!

MissionFiT's Challenge the National Parks Reaches the Finish Line! MissionFiT's Hiking Teams have reached the finish line at last!  Each team is transitioning from foot work to "Fall" work, including new school schedules and home routines for kids and parents, alike.  And where do they hang up their hiking boots?  On the coconut trees of the tropical islands of Hawaii [...]

Still Challenging The National Parks!

Teams Are Still Challenging The National Parks! There might be an overall winner of MissionFiT's Summer event, but teams are still challenging these National Parks:  Yosemite and The Pinnacles, both located in California. Which team will finish next? Kitty Tatch & friend dancing on overhanging rock at Glacier Point, Yosemite. (circa 1890's)  The Seelig Family The Bishop Family [...]

MissionFiT Wants You!

MissionFiT Wants You....To Take Back Your Health The MissionFiT team is accepting new members for their 101 Experience, ReStart Your Heart and 301 Experience, MissionFiT Community.  MissionFiT wants you to experience a healthier lifestyle. Why MissionFiT wants you! "Lifestyle is what, when and how much we eat, sleep and move on a daily basis".  Dan Miller in his message "Happy, [...]