So close…yet so far away.  It’s time for

ISI Workout #4Workout #4 ISI 2022

Get your running pants on!  At last, Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) workout # 4 is here.  And the finish line is only 2 miles away!  Recall, this annual event pits athletes from all over the city against each other in a friendly fitness competition.  For more information on the event itself, visit ISI Athletic Challenge.

ISI Workout #4

 “Born to Run”

The 2 Mile Run! 

Athletes may walk, run, jog, hop, skip or jump!  Now, unlike the race between Bugs Bunny and Cecil Turtle, you cannot phone a friend.  As well, the “Scaled” version is NOT getting in your car or on your bicycle to “run” to the store.  Athletes must be on foot.  

From Home Or Garage

As the others were, this workout will be offered in class on the first Monday of  during the ISI 2022 competition.  Remember, you have until Sunday, May 29 to complete the workout #4.  In addition, you can pursue a better score by completing the workout as many times as you wish.  However, you must submit the final score no later than Sunday, May 29.

Look for the results of the 2022 Iron Sharpens Iron competition Monday afternoon, May 30.  Stay Tuned!

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