ReStart in Review


50 Christian Leaders Launch into ReStart September 7th!., ReStart logo, the word restart in white with a black background

We’re just over the halfway point in our most recent launch of Christian leaders in our ReStart Your Heart Program and we wanted to share all about the successes our Christian Leader Athletes are experiencing!


Here are some of those successes:



  • Weight loss and body reshaping
  • Increased muscle mass and toning
  • Greater endurance and stamina within workouts
  • Overall more energetic and motivated day to day
  • Improved mobility and coordination



  • Off statins and anxiety meds
  • Becoming aware of food sensitivities
  • Athletes are tracking…“I am amazed how quickly carbs add up.”😉
  • #leadwell – working out/running with kids and grandchildren at home now too
  • Taking vitamins
  • Inflammation down thanks to fish oil
  • Improved personal disease symptoms


Big picture, these Christian Leader Athletes are becoming wildly educated in health and wellness, which is the first step to true and total transformation.  It’s not just fitness. It’s not just wellness. It’s not just nutrition. It’s not just spiritual fitness. It’s not just stress management. A transformation to total temple health consists of equal parts of all of these MANY puzzle pieces.  We’re almost through teaching the nitty gritty of nutrition, which means it’s time to create some personal meal plans!  We have a full day dedicated to this, which we find immensely helpful for our athletes.


Stay tuned for more transformation in these last few weeks.