Jump Rope For A Fun Way To Stay Fit!

Sure, running, biking and hiking are good ways to get in your cardio.  But do you JUMP?  Jumping rope is a quick and easy workout you can do indoors or outside.  And you only need one piece of equipment…well, aside from a good pair of shoes.  And that’s a jump rope!

A Primer on Jump Ropes


You can find a jump rope for sale anywhere.  From a few dollars at Wal-Mart to the specialized or weighted ropes  offered by fitness companies, a jump rope should be one tool you keep in your fitness toolbox.

The Why

So, why should you begin jumping rope?  Healthline can give you at least 5 reasons:

  • tone your calves
  • tighten your core
  • improve your lung capacity
  • build stamina

Plus, this cardio workout is high calorie burner and can help you lose weight.  Read why Healthline advocates a balanced workout to include jumping rope to lose weight.

Finding The Right Rope

JumpOnce you decide to jump rope for fitness, you want to get the best rope for you skill level, size and ability.  Like everything else, jump ropes come in a variety of styles sizes, cable lengths and so on.  For instance, according to one site, your rope could include any one of:

  • 5 different handle choices
  • 7 different cable choices
  • 6 different variations or add-ons

That’s a lot to consider when all you want from the product is reliable function every time you pick it up.  However, choosing the right rope for you is important because “one size does not fit all”.


Finding the right size rope for your height is important.  If a cable just 1-2 cms off, could mean the difference between your ability to complete a jump properly or trip up every other spin.  generally, the guideline to size a rope is to step on the middle of the cable while holding each handle up to your chest.  If the cable is sized correctly, the handle/cable should reach to just under your armpit.  Here are a few sites to help you find the right size:

Weighted Jump Ropes

Believe it or not, jump ropes are more than just 2 handles held together by a string.  Ropes can weigh from an ounce or less to over 2 pounds.  Of course, your physical ability, skill level and training goals should help you determine if a weighted rope is right for you.


Crossrope’s “Get Lean” Set – a 4oz and 8 oz rope with detachable handles.

The benefits of a weighted rope include:

  • Better rope control & feedback for learning new skills
  • Engaging different muscles
  • Gain endurance

Ultimately, whether or not you decide on a weighted rope is up to you.  If possible, find a friend or fellow athlete who has weighted ropes and try them out.

Ready To Purchase

If you’re ready to get started on your jump rope journey, make sure you do your research.  Here are a few sites to start you off:

If you want to support MissionFiT while getting fit, Coach K recommends this rope set from WOD Nation.

There’s An App For That!

Don’t forget to check out your local app store and type in “Jump Rope”.  You will find many different apps for beginners or pros and everyone in between.  Some manufacturers, like Crossrope, have an app that offers training and workouts specific to their product.

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