May 2022 has come and gone.  And so has the MissionFiT Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) 2022 competition.  It’s time to announce the

ISI 2022 Top Athletes

The competition is over, the weights are wiped down and athletes are recovering from four weeks of friendly, but challenging workouts.  Read on as we recap the workouts and help us congratulate the top athletes of ISI 2022! Recall, this annual event pits athletes from all over the city against each other in a friendly fitness competition.  For more information on the event itself, visit ISI Athletic Challenge.

Top ISI 2022 Athletes

ISI 2022 Top AthletesTwo divisions of athletes competed during ISI:

  • Rx:  Those athletes who completed each workout “as prescribed”
  • Scaled:  Those athletes who completed each workout to fit their physical ability or as directed by Coach K


Men’s Rx Division: Artie Van Sciver

Women’s Rx Division: Amy Rogers


Men’s Scaled Division: Jay Hancock

Women’s Scaled Division: Sally Hentz



Amy Rogers held a 10.5 minute plank!

Kittery Van Sciver ran a 14:45 2 mile-challenge.

Artie Van Sciver ran a 13:58 2-mile challenge.



Compare Your Results With The Army Physical Fitness Test

Recall ISI Workout #1 was a test of push-ups, sit-ups and squats.  When completing ISI Workout #4, you ran 2 miles for time.   These are the same tests the US Army gives to Basic Recruits during boot camp.  Interested in knowing where you rank among Basic Training Recruits?  Check out this article from Operation Military Kids.  As you scroll through, look at the charts.  Each chart is age specific from age 17 – 41.  If you are over 50, check out these charts from Top End Sports:

Take a few moments to congratulate these high achievers the next time you see them.  Remember, use this experience to help you get stronger, learn from other athletes and keep making strides forward in your “5 Fold Fitness”.

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