Iron Sharpens Iron Event #4

The first few weeks of competition are complete.  Today, March 30, 2020 begins Iron Sharpens Iron Event #4.  Teams have persevered to reach the LAST obstacle in the Iron Sharpens Iron competition.  This one will separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls, give others a chance to set a personal best and bring everyone together to celebrate and remember why they are MissionFiT Strong!

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Iron Sharpens Iron consists of four workouts occurring over four weeks, beginning with workout #1 on Monday, March 9, 2020. A new workout will be released every Monday afternoon during the four weeks of Iron Sharpens Iron. This is a PARTNER competition (female teams + male team, no co-ed teams for this event). Partners will register with a team name and both partners must complete each workout.  After the workout is released, any athlete who has registered will have until 9 pm on Sunday of that week to submit their best score online. Workouts can be done wherever is most convenient for you, whether that’s your home, church, or gym.  All we require is a selfie pic of proof that you completed the workout. 🙂

Highlights from last week:

Last week’s competition was a burpee ladder. We has some epic pictures of how creative athletes got with their jump targets.

Competition Fun At Home, vent with a nut thins box hanging out of it

We also had some epic scores! One man and one woman each scored a high of 16 burpees in a minute! That’s 136 burpees!!! Furthermore both of these athletes were masters athletes, one of them mid 60’s!



Leader Board:

Teams submit a CUMULATIVE score each week.  Remember:  Both scores play into the standings on the leader board, so it’s important that BOTH partners complete the workout for the week.   Here is how each team stacks up after Week #3:

Scoring system for each workout:

30 points for a 1st place, 20 points for a second place, and 10 for a third.


Rx’d Competition:

Luvin’ FiT = 110 points

Carolina Cowboys = 100 points


Scaled Competition:

Old farts doin’ stuff = 60 points

The Conquerers = 30 points

We’re doin’ our best = 30 points

Thelma & Louise = 20 points

The Rest Team = 20 points

Sleeves (as in Oreos) = 20 points

FiT to Counsel = 10 points

#RunsOnCoffee = 10 points

Mules in Mauve = 10 points


Workout #4:

20 minute AMRAP

5 Jump Squats
(must put something under the athlete’s butt. Touch each time to ensure squat depth is below parallel. Both feet must leave the ground together at the top of the rep)
30 shoulder taps
Run 200 meters

Rest 30 seconds

10 Jump Squats
30 shoulder taps
Run 200 meters

Rest 30 seconds

15 Jump Squats
30 shoulder taps
Run 200 meters

Rest 30 seconds

20 Jump Squats
30 shoulder taps
Run 200 meters

Rest 30 seconds

…..Continue building reps for 20 minutes.

*Modifications are doing air squats and shoulder taps from the knees.



Partners will submit 1 score = cumulative number of jump squats completed. Add each partner’s time together to submit the score completing workout #4 and the Iron Sharpens Iron Competition!  Stay tuned for the final compilation of teams on the leader board and here’s hoping your favorite team brings home the grass-fed, no preservative/non-GMO bacon!


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