Time To Set Your Goals!

Tony Robbins, life and business coach, says “Without a clear target, you’ll never hit your mark. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to set goals that are clear, measurable and actionable.”  Read the full article here.

Set Goals For the Semester


The turn of the calendar page offers us an opportunity to set goals.  Whether it’s every day, every week, every month or year, we can recall what was done and undone.  Then, we can decide to take action, either to renew focus on the goal or rethink the goal, making it something more manageable.  Hopefully, we won’t completely ditch our goals, especially if our goals are related to our health and wellness.

So, this year MissionFiT is building onto our goal setting experience with a Health Processing sheet at the beginning. This worksheet takes athletes through several aspects and details of their health. By the end, it should shed some light on the area/s in need of some extra attention.

From there, we schedule our normal 1 with 1 Health coaching calls to get 1 Physical and 1 Wellness goal on paper for the semester. We’re excited to help with setting the path to success using mini milestones and the plan!

When You Set Your Goals Remember, They Must Be:

  • Measurable.
  • Realistic.
  • Godly – not aesthetic!

1 Physical Goal


1 Wellness Goal


At the end of the semester we’ll retest or reassess and plan for the next.

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