Sally climbing stairs in a cavern

MissionFiT’s Sally Hentz

In addition to being MissionFiT’s Wellness Challenge winner, Sally Hentz is a corporate paralegal on the Global Services Team at Moore & Van Allen.  She has been with the MissionFiT team for about a year. Sally has lived in Charlotte for almost 40 years.  While she lives her Mom, Kay, and step-dad, Sherman, she also spends time with her Dad, David, and step-mom, Gayle, who split their time between Mooresville, NC, and her grandparents’ old house along the Broad River in Pomaria, SC.

Let’s listen in as Sally shares her adventures in fitness:

I have two big passions:

First, I am on the board of a local non-profit, Finish the Wall. Finish the Wall’s motto is “changing lives one building at a time.”   Their mission?  To complete unfinished construction projects so ministry partners can focus on spreading the gospel to their communities more effectively. In past years, we have completed projects in Trinidad, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. Through this organization, I have learned that I can do things that I didn’t think I could do.

Sally, her Mom and 2 ladies standing at a table lines with corsages at Joy Prom.

Tracy, Sally, Kay & Tiffany at Joy Prom sponsored by Carmel Baptist Church.

Second, I help survivors of human trafficking get back on their feet after going through such a traumatic experience. As a result, I was on the ground floor of forming a Pro Bono Project at Moore & Van Allen to provide free legal services to these individuals. Through meeting these survivors and listening to their stories I have learned that you can always find hope in any situation, no matter how bad you may think it is at the time.

I have been involved in fitness in one way or another since I was young, beginning with twirling baton during elementary and middle school, working at Y summer camps during college, and then joining the Y as a member almost the same week that I started working at Moore & Van Allen. I would go after work almost every day for many years – after all it was more fun to do a fitness class while traffic died down than it was to sit at stoplight after stoplight for almost the same amount of time each day.  My goal for 2020 is to go 2020 miles on my own power (biking/walking/running) for the year.

3 Words


Fitness is not something that you can do once and then stop.  You have to continue to press on

Roller Coaster.

Picture it.  Just like a roller coaster, some days are good and some days are not so good


Learning Curves and Wins

If you think you have been drinking enough water, you really need more.  Kelsey always preaches to you to drink more water!!!!

I have learned to mix things up more. In the past, I did more biking/walking/running. Now I realize that using dumbbells, kettlebells and jump ropes help make workouts more fun and make you work different muscle groups.

Sally and her Dad after Sally ran a foot race.

Sally & her Dad

My dad is diabetic and has been injecting insulin shots for several decades. Prior to beginning the program with MissionFit, I was borderline diabetic as well. Within the first 6 months of following the MissionFit program, my A1C had dropped to the normal range.

Favorites and Motivators

Sally & her step-dad, Sherman, running a foot race.

Sally & Sherman hot-footing it down the street!

I love getting to know the others in class and having a community to encourage one another.  My step-dad is one of my biggest motivators.  He is 79 years old and is always ready to sign up for the next 5K or half marathon.  I just try to keep up!!!

Faith and Wellness

I think they almost go hand in hand. Without taking care of your health, you are not being faithful to God and the temple that God has given you. Without faith, you will never be able to make it through all those burpees that Kelsey thinks you need to do in order to be healthier!!

I also feel that Christians often put themselves last with all of the “I should be doings _____ instead” of exercising/taking care of myself. It is too easy to grab a quick burger for lunch or dinner as we go from point A to point B instead of sitting down to take time to eat something healthy.  But, if we take an extra 5 or 10 minutes to take care of ourselves, then we will be in a better position to handle the other tasks that come our way whether it is some ministry need, family commitment or just everyday life. We often forget that if we don’t take care of ourselves first then the other things start to become more of a burden.

I would encourage others to begin a wellness plan so that they will feel better about themselves. There are days when it would be easier to just head uptown to work instead of working out first.  But those are the days that working out also helps me make it through the day with a better attitude because I took the time to do something for myself.

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