Testimony Tuesday with Kelly Morenus

This Testimony Tuesday we celebrate athlete Kelly Morenus. She's a determined, dedicated, and delightful athlete & disciple of Christ!     Hello, my name is Kelly Morenus.  I am a Christian wife, mother, Grammie, daughter and sister with a wonderful husband, Ron, of 37 years. I have the blessing of serving my family daily.  Some of my strengths are creativity, organization, [...]

Testimony Tuesday with Sandy Morgan

This Testimony Tuesday we celebrate athlete Sandy Morgan. Strong and courageous are the words we'd use to describe this wonderful woman of God.   My name is Sandy Morgan...   I am 51 years old and have been married for 27 years with three sons--Griffin (22 years old), Seth (19 years old), and Ty (16 years old).  We are a very [...]

Testimony Tuesday with Rebekah Yandle

This Testimony Tuesday we celebrate athlete Rebekah Yandle, who's reaping the benefits of hard work!     I am Rebekah Yandle, and I’ve been with Carmel Wee School for fifteen years.  I love the environment and the hours, especially because I am able to be with my children at night, weekends and holidays.  I am a single mom of two--my [...]

Testimonial – Jackie Lawing

This Testimony Tuesday we celebrate athlete Jackie Lawing, for two reasons. One, she has been a wonderful athlete to have in class with her perky little personality. And two, this amazing woman after 19 years of serving at Carmel Baptist Wee School is retiring. We know she will be greatly missed but are cheering her on into this next season [...]

Testimony Tuesday with Joy Motte

This Testimony Tuesday we celebrate athlete Joy Motte, who is a true joy to have in class. She's an inspiring bundle of energy that works hard at everything she does on and off the mat!     My husband David and I have been married for 34 years and have had four children--three grown sons and a daughter who is [...]

Faithful and Fractured is a Must Read

Faithful and Fractured is a must read written by Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell, PhD, and Jason Byassee, PhD.   Ray Jean is a researcher at Duke University and Jason is the senior pastor of Boone United Methodist Church in Boone, NC. This book answers the question, ‘Why are pastors in such poor health, and what can be done about it?’  The [...]

LeaderFiT Week 9 in Review

LeaderFiT Week 9 in Review Heading into the home stretch here for our LeaderFiT athletes! Ten weeks of tracking the building blocks of a healthy temple is coming to an end.   It'll be a tight race... this week between McCrory and Klinect. Klinect has been at McCrory's heels for several weeks now! Last week's special challenge for extra points [...]

From Cardio to Cardiac Arrest and Back

From Cardio to Cardiac Arrest and Back MissionFiT Athlete, Joy Motte, is one our most hardest working athletes... and she's got a heck of a story.       This past April, Joy and her husband, David, visited Ireland to explore her Irish heritage.   One event on their agenda was to tour the Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney [...]

ReStart in Review

ReStart in Review   We’re just over the halfway point in our most recent launch of Christian leaders in our ReStart Your Heart Program and we wanted to share all about the successes our Christian Leader Athletes are experiencing!   Here are some of those successes:   FITNESS: Weight loss and body reshaping Increased muscle mass and toning Greater endurance [...]

3 Simple Forms of Self-Care That Improve Your Mental Health

3 Simple Forms of Self-Care That Improve Your Mental Health Guest Blogger from selfcaring.info/   “Self-care” has become a bit of a buzzword of late. It is a major wellness trend, with Shape.com reporting that over half of millennial women had made self-care their main New Year’s resolution for 2018. Because of this, it can be easy to dismiss self-care as [...]

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