Our Iron Sharpens Iron Workout #2 winners are once again Kenny Klinect of Carmel Baptist Church and Laura Schrieber of New City Church!




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19.2 was almost 1,000 reps for some!


Week #2

5 rounds for max reps:

45 sec Walking Lunges

15 sec rest

45 sec Bear crawl

15 sec rest

45 sec Opposite toe touches

15 sec rest

45 sec 2 foot broad jumps

15 sec rest

      Score = Total Number of Reps Completed


Iron Sharpens Iron Workout #2 in Review, red white and blue


For the men, Pastor Kenny crushed it with 897 reps. Kenny worked hard at trying to maintain the same number of reps each round.

As for the ladies, Laura walked away with 718 reps. Laura was actually 2nd place even against the men! “Bear crawls is where I knew I could rack up points so I pushed it hard on those”.


19.3 was released last night. These athletes seem to be holding their standing. Will they be able to hold onto it for another week?! Stay tuned…


Iron Sharpens Iron Workout #1 Winner!, red background with gold leafing and the word winner written in the center