Five Steps to a Healthier Whole You

              From Guest Blogger Jennifer McGregor with The Public Health Library


Without our health, what do we really have? How can we enjoy all that there is and make the most of our time? This is your moment to evaluate and commit yourself to a healthier life.


Revamp Your Consumption

It’s easy to fall into the trap of eyeballing when we cook. Something looks right, we’ve made it a million times, and we are positive we know how much is in a portion; often, however, we’re wrong. For example, on average, we shouldn’t eat more than two ounces of a processed carb, like pasta, with a meal. Two ounces is smaller than we realize, and even our protein should be weighed to get the correct amount for our activity level. Be aware of your consumption by weighing your food as you cook, especially as there are more options today than ever before. You can choose digital, mechanical, simple or intricate, to find a scale that suits your needs.

Workout for Health

Every lifestyle should include exercise at least five days a week for 45 minutes. Unfortunately, many of us lack the equipment we need to get a whole-body workout. Thankfully, there is The Zoo Health Club where you can get personal training, group classes or practice restorative yoga to exercise and heal simultaneously. Even if you only attend one or two classes a week, you can learn both proper form and the most effective approach to tailor your workout to your personal goals. Having a group or trainer can be the motivation you need to get to the gym and work hard to achieve real health. If cost is an issue, look to your health insurance coverage to see what kind of benefits you have as many providers offer gym access for discounted rates. For seniors looking to get moving, check your plan too. If you’ve got a Medicare Advantage or supplemental plan, you’re likely eligible for fitness centers associated with Silver Sneakers, a popular exercise program for seniors.


Lower Your Stress

If you find yourself suffering every single day from intense stress, it’s time to learn how to lower your levels, as not doing so could be actively killing you. Excessive anxiety can shorten our lives, cause cancer to develop, age us prematurely, and contribute to brain damage. All in all, every balanced health strategy needs destressing techniques. Restorative yoga is an excellent way to reduce cortisol levels, but there are other options to help you unwind. Therapy is a solution, but even just talking to a loved one can lower stress. Meditation, meanwhile, can train our minds to relax in what would otherwise be tense situations. Should all else fail, put on your favorite comedy show or movie, as nothing combats negative feelings like laughter.


Find Enjoyment

Life is too short not to be happy, and happiness costs us nothing, yet it can be transformative. It will take effort, and we might need to retrain how we think and see the world. Constant negativity or putting ourselves down never improves how we feel. Stop such thoughts as they happen and begin to replace them with positive ones. For instance, instead of focusing on your weight or any type of insecurity, try to find five things about yourself that you love. Write them down and look at them when you need a boost, and don’t lapse into a cycle of critical self-talk.


Make Sleep a Priority

When we sleep poorly, we’re not only tired, but we may overeat and skip workouts as a consequence. The best way to improve slumber is to make sure your bed is only associated with rest. Maintain a schedule, even on your days off of work, and don’t nap on the couch. Keep the thermostat low, as cool air facilitates sleep and warmth causes us to wake. By making sleep hygiene routine, you will hopefully notice the quality of your life improve overall.

There is no easy path to a healthier lifestyle; instead, it’s a series of decisions we make every day. Hold yourself accountable, eat well, and laugh whenever you can. Wellness looks different for us all, but there are common factors to help us on this journey to a fulfilling and vibrant life.


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