Bring on the October Plank Challenge!

Get on the floor and help MissionFiT Athletes complete an Elbow Plank Challenge during the monthProper Form for Elbow Plank of October.  That’s right!  A new season brings with it a new community challenge: Elbow Planks.

What is an Elbow Plank?

A deceptively easy movement, the elbow plank engages the entire body when done correctly.

Strict Form

Athletes lay on the floor and position their elbows under the shoulder.  The athlete pushes away from the ground, rising on the forearms and toes.  A view from the side shows the upper arm extending down directly over the elbow with the forearms and hands resting on the ground, in front of the athlete.    The abs and glutes must be engaged in order to hold the position so the athlete keeps the back flat.  If these muscles are not engaged, the back will sag or the butt will riseExample of proper and improper plank form


Knees on the Floor:  Instead of rising on toes, the athlete will place the knees on the floor.  Again, the abs and glutes must be engaged.

Notice:  The photo at left also demonstrates improper plank form.  By not engaging the glutes and abs, the athlete may risk undue strain on the back.   Also, keeping the shoulders and elbows in direct line, the athlete reduces the risk of strain on the shoulder.


You Said This Was a Challenge

Yes!  Here’s how it works:

  1.  Participants will plank as often or as little as they like.  The goal is to accumulate time in the pose.
  2. At the close of October, all participants will send a scoresheet to “Fearless Leader” indicating the TOTAL ACCUMULATED time in a plank hold.
  3. The winner receives a gift card to a local restaurant.

Special notes:

  • Unlike the Summer National Parks Challenge, the Elbow Plank Hold is NOT a family or team affair.  This is every man, woman and child for him or her-self!
  • Remember:  This is not a “How Long Can I Hold This Pose?” Challenge.  The goal is to plank and accumulate more time on your elbows and toes than your neighbor.


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