The MissionFiT New-Trition Challenge 2022 Names Winners!

The first nutrition challenge for the new year was all-inclusive as all MissionFiT athletes weighed-in and logged-in approximately two months worth of meals, water and snacks during this challenge.  Now the time for final weigh-in and assessment is here and it’s time to announce this year’s 2022 New-Trition Challenge Winners.  If you don’t recall the rule of the game, click here for a little refresher.

New-Trition Challenge Details:

This year’s challenge was a little different than past challenges in that ALL MissionFiT athletes were to participate.  The challenge began way back on January 10 and ended the week of February 21, 2022 with the final weigh-in and coach assessment.  In addition, the athlete’s focus during this challenge was their own personal goals.  The only requirements to meet:

  • Access to the free version of My Fitness Pal
  • Complete a weigh-in and body-fat reading at a MissionFiT class.

2022 New-Trition Challenge Winners Aside from that, athletes were free to talk with coaches about how to meet specific goals, like balancing macro-nutrients, adding healthier foods to the diet and so on.  So, while the following athletes met or exceeded the expectations of the challenge, every participant is a winner!

2022 Challenge Winners Are:

Tracking: 3 way tie between Pastor Sylvia Dawkins, Pam Hollars, and Sally Hentz.

Transformation: We are still completing weigh-ins so stay tuned!


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