“As The World Turns”:  What Will You Do With COVID in The New Year?

Like a favorite daytime program “As The World Turns”, COVID has become a (seemingly) overly dramatic chronicle of the lives of people all over the world.  News outlets seemed to relish in the never-ending press conferences from government and experts explaining “the best way” to protect yourself from what became an extremely infectious virus.  Thankfully, there is one viable vaccine in distribution and at least two more in different stages of testing and federal approval.

The Germ

In a recent article posted by MaxLiving.com, the writer outlines both “Germ Theory”, developed by Louis Pasteur "As The World Turns": COVID & The New Yearand “Terrain Theory”, developed by Pasteur’s rival A. Be’champ.  Pasteur, by experimentation, argued that germs were the cause of most diseases.  However, Be’champ believed it wasn’t so much the germ as the body’s ability to fight the germ, that determined whether one actually got the disease.  So, for Be’champ, “the unhealthier the lifestyle, the more out of balance a body is, the more susceptible they will be to disease.”

The “3 W’s” Of Protection

Since March 2020, we’ve all heard the public service announcements and seen the signs posted:

  • As The World Turns: COVID in the New YearWear (your mask)

  • Wait (6 feet)

  • Wash (your hands)

Of course, now we can add a “V” for Vaccine to that list.  But, what else can we do to lessen the risk of catching the COVID virus?

Make Your Body Work For You

What do we mean?  Your own body has an immune system.  Accordingly, the immune system’s overall function is to “protect your body from harmful substances, germs and cell changes that could make you ill.”  However, like the rest of your body functions, your immune system might need a little TLC that comes in the form of a well-balanced and healthy diet, along with exercise and even supplements.


According to MaxLiving, three parts of your diet can help your immune system stay healthy and improve your body’s ability to fight off germs, bacteria and other unwanted invaders (Additional article references are highlighted):

  • Protein-rich foodsThe immune system relies on adequate protein to fight viruses and other infections. Too little protein can impair the immune system’s ability to fight infections.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Eating more fruit and vegetables can support the immune system.
  • Fermented foods. About 70% of the immune system is in your gut. Foods rich in probiotics help balance the gut bacteria that play a critical role in immune health. Probiotics can support your immune system and stop harmful bacteria from taking over.

But diet isn’t the only way you can help your immune system…


Supplements, especially multi-vitamins and Vitamin D are also important to support a healthy immune system.  “Vitamin D, for instance, can support the immune cells that help fight viruses and other invaders. ”  In addition, multi-vitamins can help you get the necessary supplements your body may not be getting through food.

The Bottom Line?

Basically, care for your body and your body will care for you.  There are many things we can do to help reduce the risk of infection or development of disease.  The fact is, we can’t avoid ALL disease like “malaria, HIV, and syphilis.”  But, by eating nutrient dense foods, regular exercise and supplements as needed, we can give ourselves the best chance of healing from current diseases and avoiding new ones.

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