Attention: Charlotte Pastor search to win elite wellness package….

 We are seeking 3 Charlotte Pastors to win an elite Wellness Package. A huge focus of MissionFiT is on Pastoral Wellness. Pastors are incredibly selfless individuals and, oftentimes, SO focused on everyone else they forget about themselves.  Well, this summer, MissionFiT wants to award and serve three Charlotte Pastors who have worked extra hard this year serving their flock.


Pastor search win elite wellness package, pastor preaching in front of the sunrise on the beach

Nominate your Pastor to win this all inclusive package:

  • High level assessments performed
  • Goal Setting
  • Creation of Pastor Care Plan
  • Individual Health Coaching
  • Individual Nutrition Coaching
  • 12 Personal Training sessions
  • Books
  • Training Journal

Senior pastors, assistant pastors, and supporting pastors are all fair game for nomination.

*We understand Pastors have extremely tight schedules so we travel to them versus them struggling to get to a specific location, making this experience that much more enjoyable.

As a Christian Fitness Ministry,  we are focused on providing Christian Fitness Programs to help people in the Christian community to be and stay Healthy and FiT for the Mission God has for them. This includes motivation, accountability, inspiration, education and support. And we have specific initiatives for Pastors. Christian leaders these days are more stressed than ever and often need a higher level of care. We have specific initiatives to care for church leadership.

“45% of pastors experience depression or burnout to the extent that they need to take a leave of absence.” – Preventing Ministry Failure


Please email in your nomination of NAME, CHURCH, and REASON FOR NOMINATION by July 31st to


Help MissionFiT find and serve these leaders with excellence this month!!

Winners announced August 7th.


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Rick Warren’s a Christian leader focused on a FiT life….your Pastor can be too!