Plank Challenge : Strong Planks = Strong Abs!

The calendar turned a page, the clocks are turned back and now participating MissionFiT athletes have turned flabby abs into solid 6-packs (or some resemblance thereof).  Strong Planks = Strong Abs!

Recall the October Plank Challenge

Strong planks = Strong Abs The MissionFit Plank Challenge

Types of Planks

  • The Challenge?  Spending time supported by elbows and toes (or knees).
  • The Object?  Accumulate more time than your neighbor, or in this case, your rival athlete
  • The Reward?  A gift card to a local restaurant (probably NOT the famed Golden Arches).

So, the stronger your planks, the more time you could spend on your elbows and toes resulting in stronger abs!

How Did You Fair?

  • Were you one of many MissionFiT athletes caught in the garage or on Zoom “laying down” on the job?
  • Did your family wonder why you spent so much time on the floor reading a book or working a puzzle?
  • Did you get lots of loving from the family dog while demonstrating your ability to imitate a coffee table?

If so, you weren’t alone.  Many MissionFiT Athletes spent small chunks of time in the plank pose, turning seconds into minutes, working toward logging hours for the month of October.

Who Spent the Most Time Making Strong Abs?

Athlete, Sally Hentz! 1 hour 45 minutes exactly was spent in a plank between class time and time at home/the office. Way to go! Congrats, a special gift card awaits you!


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