LeaderFiT Week 9 in Review

LeaderFiT Week 9 in Review Heading into the home stretch here for our LeaderFiT athletes! Ten weeks of tracking the building blocks of a healthy temple is coming to an end.   It'll be a tight race... this week between McCrory and Klinect. Klinect has been at McCrory's heels for several weeks now! Last week's special challenge for extra points [...]

Week 5 LeaderFiT Challenge in Review

Well FiT family, it looks like our mid-way winner is Pastor Patrick McCrory with 425 points!   Patrick... had a slower start the first few weeks until week 3 where he blew it out of the water with a spiritual rest day and racked up some serious mileage in the special weekly challenge. Since then, he’s had his game face [...]