MissionFiT’s 2021 Nutrition Challenge Is Here!

MissionFiT athletes get ready!  The 2021 MissionFiT Nutrition Challenge is now open and waiting for anyone willing to put 2020’s poor decisions on nutrition behind them. The Nutrition Challenge is a 4-week challenge focused on building sustainable fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits that can be your foundation for taking control of your health year round.

Follow through with the SIMPLE tasks and you can earn access to our Control Your Fitness

2021 Nutrition Challenge Details

Important Dates & Cost

  • January 11th – February 12th (4 weeks total)
  • Cost: $5

2021 Nutrition Challenge Registration Link:

Registration is now open.

PLEASE NOTE:  Registration ends January 11, 2021 at 3:00pm.  So, reserve your spot today!


2021 Nutrition Challenge Requirements: 

  • $5
  • MissionFiT Membership
  • Capability to get on Google Docs
  • Access to the free version of MyFitness Pal
  • Complete a weigh-in and body fat reading at a MissionFiT class.  REMEMBER: you must be hydrated for this

There Are Two Track Options To Choose From

Aggressive Track

This option is for someone that has a little more experience with their nutrition and is pretty comfortable with things. Hence, it is a faster approach to implementing change to your diet and daily habits. This will also be a good option if you are someone that has been holding to a decent nutrition regimen and looking to really dial it in!

NOTE:  This is NOT a crazy way cut to calories or macros, but a more rigid approach to your nutrition and daily habits.

Progressive Track 

This option is for someone that needs to focus on the basics and gradually implement changes to their diet and lifestyle. We know it’s exciting to want to dive headfirst into change, but we often see people try to do too much at one time.  Then they get overwhelmed and throw in the towel. This track is all about focusing on the important things and learning how to make them part of your daily routine. Don’t worry, you will still be challenged by choosing this track!

2021 Nutrition Challenge  2021 Nutrition Challenge

What are some categories for logging ‘points’ in the Advanced Track?

  • Sticking to God-Made Food, clean eating – you should know what this looks like at this point!
  • Staying within 100 calories of your daily need
  • Staying within 5% of your daily Macro Percentage balance
  • Daily water intake
  • Sleep
  • Skipping alcohol
  • Completing MissionFiT workouts


What are some of the categories for logging ‘points’ for the Progressive track?

We will gradually make changes to your habits. The first week will be a simple start with adding in hydration. We will slowly increase the changes to your habits and food eventually getting to a balanced plate and proper portions for you and your goals. 

I Can’t Fit In ALL The Daily Tasks For The Challenge!

No problem.  Sign up and focus on the tasks or things that YOU want to get out of the challenge.   Remember: We always put an emphasis on making the challenge about YOU.  There are daily points to log, but those aren’t things you HAVE to do if you aren’t worried about where you fall on the leaderboard.

But I Am Going On Vacation Or A Work Trip During The Challenge

Who cares! You can still improve your health in some capacity and maybe even learn a couple things by participating in a couple weeks of the challenge. The Challenge is designed for you to maintain well beyond the 4 weeks. 

And The Winner…

**One winner from each challenge track will win a pot of money!

Our Nutrition Challenge Registration closes on January 11 at 3:00 PM! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to jump in on a really fun challenge with your MissionFiT community and coaches.


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