David J Sabin –

A Success Story in the Making


David J Sabin – A Success Story in the Making, David dressed up at a wedding


David is a newer athlete to MissionFiT but has jumped right into our culture and community and plowed forward with making the necessary changes to take back his health. Not many can steward one child well, let alone 3 highly athletic ones, plus an amazing wife, full time job, and serving in 3 different ministry capacities. He is a true example of what it looks like to #LeadWell. David often brings his pre-teen son to 6:30am workouts to show him the ropes. As hard as it is, he’s made the nutritional decisions to not even have donuts in the house anymore for anyone 😉 and he serves with such depth it’s wildly inspiring. So without further adieu, meet our Athlete of the week, David Sabin!




I am 43 years old…

and just completed the Restart Class with MissionFiT.  I have always been athletic starting with high school sports and continuing through my adult years whether involved in a competitive activity or just communing with the great outdoors.  Over the years one thing that has become abundantly clear to me is how much I hated to exercise, just for the sake of exercising.  I needed a reason to sweat, specifically the competition component provided by team or individual sports.  I think this had to do with not having parents model it for me.  I had tried several times to commit to exercising by either a gym or running, but always on my own and it never lasted more than 3 weeks…I needed reinforcement and encouragement.


David J Sabin – A Success Story in the Making

Now I have completed…

5 months of training, all while starting out in the worst shape of my life.  The reason that I was suddenly able to continue committing to the MissionFiT program is the quality of instruction.  This is by far the most well-rounded program I have ever tried, and after each day of participation I am always surprised to learn something new.  Every day when I start my workout it always seems fresh and challenging…this is what was missing when I tried exercising on my own.


In terms of my results…

So far, I am getting stronger and my flexibility and range of motion have improved dramatically.  In conjunction with my better physicality, I’ve been able to incorporate a more complete and healthy approach to fitness that corrects my misconception that curls and bench pressing was all you needed in a workout.


Lastly, I am convinced…

that the coaches are so attentive to each student that they will personally guide you through a plan that will improve your overall health regardless of your starting baseline fitness level.  It is a slow and steady path, but hardly monotonous or boring.  I tell everyone that my wife made me start MissionFiT, but for the first time in my life I am doing this on my own…I want to keep going because now I am competing with myself to become a healthier me!


David J Sabin – A Success Story in the Making, David smiling with his entire family


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