MissionFiT adds a Kids Christian Fitness Summer Camp

to Charlotte’s Urban Promise Programs.

MissionFiT is thrilled to announce that they have partnered with Urban Promise this season for a kids Christian fitness summer camp.   Dozens of kids this summer will learn the value of fitness and wellness as well as how to move their bodies safely in space. Additionally, we have the opportunity to develop 5 high schoolers into coaches through a mini version of our Coaches Academy!

Urban Promise is a non-profit in Charlotte that provides children and youth with the spiritual, academic, and social development they need to become Christian leaders determined to restore their communities. “Our ultimate goal is to raise a new generation of indigenous Christian leaders that is determined to make Charlotte a fully integrated city where social, spiritual, and economic capital flow between neighborhoods.”


U.P. achieves this through a few different programs, one being their SUMMER CAMPS. Summer Camp fills the learning-gap between semesters and provides elementary school students with six-weeks of focused academic instruction, spiritual support, and abiding relationships. Literacy instruction during camp is specifically designed to combat the “summer slide,” whereby students from low-income families experience an average summer learning loss in reading achievement of over two months.

When MissionFiT met with the U.P. Founder, it was decided a christian fitness piece would be a great addition to this year’s camps.

About the Kids Christian Fitness Summer Camps:

  •    6 weeks this summer June-July
  •    2 locations (West Charlotte & South End)

What will the kids be learning?

  •    Value of fitness
  •    What fitness looks like
  •    How to move their body in space safely with functional movement
  •    Good Wellness Habits
  •    Healthy Communal Relationship


Additionally, we will have the opportunity to take four high school kids possibly looking at fitness as their future through an 8-week mini version of their Coaches Academy Program.


These high schoolers will be learning:

  • How to move their body in space
  • How to teach someone else to move their body in space
  • How to coach movement
  • How to work as a team in partner coaching
  • Basics about planning, prepping, and executing a class with excellence
  • Character building exercises within the context of Fitness
  • Continual development of their craft


Camp kicks off this week! Please keep this program in your prayers!


Special shoutout of thanks to Iron Tribe Charlotte for making this possible! The leaders at ITF Charlotte are solid believers that knew about the cause and saw the need, so poured in financially to make all this happen for these youngsters this summer. Thank you ITF Charlotte team!!!