LeaderFiT Week 9 in Review

Heading into the home stretch here for our LeaderFiT athletes! Ten weeks of tracking the building blocks of a healthy temple is coming to an end.


LeaderFiT Week 9 in Review

It’ll be a tight race…

this week between McCrory and Klinect. Klinect has been at McCrory’s heels for several weeks now! Last week’s special challenge for extra points was 1 point for every 10 minutes spent in the Word that did not pertain to sermon writing. McCrory came in with 29 extra points – 290 total minutes spent in the Word, while Klinect came in with 42 extra points – 420 minutes spent in the Word! That’s almost 12 hours just between two athletes. Praise God! We’ll see if Klinect can close the gap this week.


Roughly 300 points behind…

this close race is Laura Schrieber, staying steady across the board. Not too many jumps or dips in points. Slow-N-Steady wins the race…or at least 3rd place. 😉


Over 100 points behind…

Laura, we have a second close race. Pastor Nic Schrieber followed by Pastor Jon Freeman with only a 23 point spread going into the final week. It’ll be fun to watch these two duke it out in the 11th hour.


Stay tuned here FiT fans. We’ll have the final seeds announced early next week!