Street Pastor gets FiT in uptown Charlotte!

Girl in silver vest standing with street pastor in black tshirt and red coat in uptown charlotte

Throwback Thursday…..

Sam I am!

Today I went uptown to meet with Sam, a street pastor in uptown Charlotte, doing amazing things. Sam is a past athlete of ours that while his daily rhythms have changed and he is not able to train with us at the moment, he’s still kept up all we taught him on his own!

Sam is an amazing man of God that has been passionate about turning his health around. So far he’s lost about 30 pounds and he’s drinking way more water than he was when we found him. Out on the streets preaching day in day out through riots, city events and Carolina heat…which is why sometimes we have to meet these hard working pastors where they’re at! A great wellness talk and planning morning with “My Sam”!