Restore in 2021Help Yourself RESTORE in 2021!

MissionFiT has expanded the RESTORE class and included it in the daily line-up for 2021.  If you remember, the RESTORE Class was introduced in December 2020.  This class was geared toward athletes wanting to learn more about proper recovery from the rigors of workout.  RESTORE includes stretching, Yoga and other ways to help “Restore” the body.  So many MissionFiT athletes took advantage of the class that MissionFiT will now offer the class each week.  Here are the details:

Restore In 2021

Class Times

  • Tuesday Mornings 6:15
  • Thursday Mornings 6:15

If you are an early morning athlete, set your clock a little earlier and join in.  Then stick around for the workout of the day.

Participating in Restore 2021

Just like the daily workouts, you can Restore in-person or through Zoom.  Remember:

  • In-Person:  Space is limited so save your place on the mat.  Please don’t just ‘show-up’.  E-mail Coach K to reserve your space!
  • Zoom:  Works the same way as the daily class.  Just find the link on the Monday “Weekly Fill-Up” e-mail.
  • Class is 45 minutes in length.  So, whether you are ‘Restor-ing’ in-person or in your living room, stick around for the workout.


Unlike the introductory classes in December, Restore is now an add-on to your MissionFiT membership.  There are two options:

  • You can use one or two of your normal membership classes to participate in Restore
  • You can change your membership plan to include Restore as a separate class


Whether you participate in-person or by Zoom, make sure you have a Yoga mat and your mobility balls near by.

Contact Coach K with questions about adding Restore to your fitness line-up!

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