Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 Winners!

The Big Reveal!

Before we get to our Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 winners, recall that Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 consisted of four workouts occurring over four weeks, which began with workout #1,Iron Sharpens Iron logo Monday, March 9, 2020.  Then a new workout was released every Monday during the four weeks of Iron Sharpens Iron.  This was a PARTNER competition (female teams + male team, no co-ed teams for this event). Once the workout is released, then any athlete registered had until 9 pm on Sunday of that week to submit their best score online.  Workouts could be done wherever was most convenient for them.

So, after four weeks of six significantly tough tests of fitness we are proud to announce the winning team.

The winners of Iron Sharpens Iron 2020 are…

Rx = Luvn’ FiT

Scaled = OFDS (Old Farts Doin’ Stuff)


Check out the per week breakdowns:

Iron Sharpens Iron 2020

Week 1: Triple Crown


Plank = Carolina Cowboys

Push-ups = Luvn’ FiT

Kettlebell Swings = Luvn’ FiT



Plank = Sleeves (As in Oreos)

Push-ups =  The Conquerors

Kettlebell Swings = OFDS (Old Farts Doin’ Stuff)


Iron Sharpens Iron 2020

Week 2: The Running!

Rx = Carolina Cowboys

Scaled = We’re doin’ our best

Iron Sharpens Iron 2020

Week 3: Burpee Ladder

Rx = Luvn’ FiT

Scaled = OFDS (Old Farts Doin’ Stuff)

Iron Sharpens Iron 2020

Week 4:

Rx = Luvn’ FiT

Scaled = Tie between ‘We’re doin’ our best’ & ‘FiT to Counsel’


Iron Sharpens Iron 202o is complete.

However, MissionFiT has more in store for local athletes during this time of  “Stay-At-Home”.  So beginning in April 2020, LeaderFit athletes are participating in “Athlete Bingo”, a game designed to keep athletes focused on fitness and wellness throughout “Corona-cation”.  As a result, LeaderFit and MissionFit athletes can remain at the top of their game!

Iron Sharpens Iron Winners, orange background with shadows of 5 people jumping.

To see more info about this challenge, visit our FiTBits Blog.