Well, I thought this would be a great post for “Thinking Thursday” since I’m actually on antibiotics as I write this. Even if you workout every day, take all your vitamins, eat crazy clean and wash your hands relentlessly during flu season, it can still happen. The odds are less, but it can still happen. Sometimes it’s just inevitable with having a preschooler in the house. Sometimes it’s stress induced. Sometimes it just is what it is. In our family, we typically try everything we can to avoid the antibiotics, knowing the risks but know that modern medicine can be our back up plan. Often we’re able to avoid a trip to the doc, but sadly not this week. Tonsillitis is my diagnosis. 🙁

How Antibiotics Wreak Havoc on your gut, a green sad sick face


However, thanks to Dr. Amy Myers, I’m doing everything I can to make this round of antibiotics wreak as little of havoc on my gut as possible. Check our this great article on how they wreak havoc on your gut and what you can do about it if you find yourself in the situation of having to take one, like me. :/



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