Do You Ever Ask “Why Doesn’t God…?”

At some point in our lives, ALL of us have asked “Why doesn’t God…?”

Why Doesn't God?Suffering Is Not An Option..

Sometimes, we find ourselves in circumstances of our own making.  We make a decision on impulse.  Maybe the decision was thought out, the results were quite different from what we expected.  Sometimes, with the clear vision of hindsight and meditation, we find we strayed from God’s will and now must reap what we have sown.

Other times, the circumstance can be traced to the actions of another.  If that’s the case, all we can do is wait and pray the outcome will not leave lasting scars or damage.  This is especially true in the context of relationships.

But Learning From It Is

Hence the question “Why doesn’t God…?”  Job asked variations of that question…many times.  He lost his herds, his servants, his children.  No explanation.  No rhyme or reason.  He didn’t understand why he was “singled out” to receive such “punishment”.  So it is with us.   Whether we lose a loved one to cancer or just lose our car keys to misfortune, we suffer.

What Does The Bible Teach?Why Doesn't God?

Ultimately, the Bible is the Christian believer’s resource for learning from suffering and like experiences of others.  Pastor Chris Russell, Sensible Faith, uses James 5 to shed some light on suffering in the wake of illness or disease.  In this passage, James writes to believers encouraging them to pray and/or seek the elders for guidance and anointing.   Join Pastor Russell in this short but informative study of God’s hand in our lives.

Additional Resources:

Interested in digging a little deeper in this topic?  Here are a few resources from the ministry of the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee and Thru The Bible to get you started.  Each booklet can be downloaded or printed from the website:

  • The Dark Side of God’s Love John is known as the apostle of love, but Zephaniah is the prophet of love. He tells us about another side of God’s love, though—the love of the Great Physician who is willing to take His children into painful surgery to root out the disease of sin in our lives. Learn that God loves you just as much when He is subjecting you to surgery as when He overwhelms you with gifts.
  • Why Do God’s Children Suffer? Dr. McGee says “the most important thing to do in our suffering is to draw near to God. When we do, He promises to draw near to us.” In this popular message, he gives us seven reasons Scripture says we suffer, and also suggests four benefits of suffering for the believer.
  • Why Doesn’t God Do Something? When crises in the world . . . or in your own spirit . . . turn your face to God, look to His Word for answers and perspective. When the prophet Habakkuk asked God, “Why aren’t You doing something?,” God showed him (and us) how to walk by faith—and find Him on the other side.

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