Mark The Your Calendar!  New Class Offering in December!

Consider this an early Christmas gift from your friends at MissionFiT.  This new class offering, called “Restore”, is a 3-part series offered once a week, on Thursdays, in December.  Each class will feature many aspects of fitness not already offered in your normal classes.

The New “Restore” Class Offers:

  • 30 minutes
  • Guided mobility
  • Deep Stretch
  • Yoga/Pilates with a weighted option
  • Godly meditation with stress breathing exercises as cool down

Practice What You Learn by attending the New Class Offering from MissionFiTPractice What You’re Learning

Recall the in-class topics you’re reviewing or learning about for the first time.  Coach K has reviewed Mobility, Stretching and most recently, Breathing Techniques.

Remember Why You (Should) Mobilize?

Mobility awakens your body’s resilience to erase pain, relieve stress, and improve performance.  As a result, you can take healing into your own hands.”  In short, each time you use a foam roller or the mobility balls, you give yourself a massage – and a chance for your body to recover from any level of physical activity.

How About Stretching?

“When your muscles are “cold” meaning there’s no mobility work, stretching or warm-up before a workout, the chances are much greater for injury.  Just like the frozen rubber band breaks under stress, so do your muscles.”

Breathing, Too?

Yes, Breathing, too, is important.  Proper breathing, especially during workouts helps you focus and push through to the next rep, even to the end of the workout.  But proper breathing techniques also help your reduce stress immediately.  That’s right!  You get immediate physical, mental and emotional relief.

But…Don’t “Restore” Alone

This class is also open to folks not already involved with MissionFiT, so feel free to invite your friends.  Of course, space is limited if you want the in-person experience. But, as always, Zoom is always open.

How Do I Sign Up?  Register online to attend the new class offered by MissionFiT

Just visit Sign-Up Genius.  Choose the day and the time you want to play and show up!

Here’s the schedule:

  • 3 December
  • 10 December
  • 17 December

Class Time for ALL DATES:

  • 6:30am, 8:00am, (2:45 + 3:30pm for Carmel staff only) and 7:00pm

FAQs For You:

  • Sessions WILL NOT be recorded
  • Bring a Yoga or other exercise mat (if you have one)
  • Future classes, like this, are dependent on attendance.  So, if you plan to come, bring a friend along.
  • Let Coach K know your thoughts on the class

Reserve Your Spot on the Mat Today!

REGISTER HERE to “Restore” today!


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