Bring A Friend to MissionFiT ClassMissionFiT Wants You to Bring Your Friends!

So many athletes have asked “Can I bring friends to class?” that we’re saying YES, You Can!  AND…

Here Are The Rules To Bring Your Friends:

  1. Please schedule your friend to come with you to class BEFOREHAND.  Contact Coach K directly:
  2. No large group “Bring A Friend” days until large groups can once again gather together.
  3. As always, Zoomers can workout with as many friends as they want.  “The more the merrier!”

Bring A Friend to MissionFiT ClassReward!

Sign up your friend in Q1 and receive your next month’s membership free!

“Something sweet happens when you walk through life alongside another. Something happens when you get outdoors and move your body.”  

So says Debbie Stiles, Rev Wellness Instructor and contributor to Revelation Wellness.  Debbie says dunk the coffee shop dates and instead, lace your shoes and enjoy some outdoor time with your friends!  Read more…

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