We had a great Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection for our newest flight of Christian leaders going through the “ReStart Your Heart” Program!


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Founder, Kelsey Elmore, opened the night up with a short welcome keynote on “You’re health is not all about you”.

In a leadership role, your presence and performance is paramount. So your health and well-being needs to be too. In such a position, your absence in ministry creates not just a ripple effect but a tidal wave of people that impacts. From your spouse to your kids to grandkids to external family, friends, coworkers, congregation, ministry partners, your city, and so on. And let’s face it, you’re in the Kingdom building business so that impacts God too. What if you’re too sick to live out the plans He has for you because of the poor choices you’re consistently making over time? Five hundred years ago, the Reformation happened because of small but consistent decisions made over the course of time. Basically, at one point we looked up, realizing how far off course we had gotten and said ‘woah, how’d we get here, let’s get back on track’. Health is very much the same in that respect. We often wait too long to make changes and then need a revival(sometimes literally). We make small poor decisions day after day, being permissive with nutrition and fitness and wellness. Over time, those add up and we look up to say “woah, how’d I get here”? The career of a Christian leader is one of the highest risk for poor health. And that’s exactly why MissionFiT exists, to not let them become another statistic.


Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection, Dale speaking with his hand pointing to the screen in a blue dress shirt and black pants

After Kelsey opened the night up, Dale Fletcher, of Faith & Health Connection took the stage to teach on spiritual risk factors that may be impacting their physical health.

The big WHY from a spiritual perspective. Dale’s two part series is geared to help these guys with:

To be fully aware of:

  • Significant stressors that are not being effectively managed.
  • Spiritual risk factors that are impacting adversely on your behaviors and health.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices that contribute to poor condition of God’s temple.

To adopt, or more fully embrace, key biblical principles that may reduce relevant spiritual and physical risk factors.

To be motivated to change unhealthy behaviors.

To be motivated to address significant personal and organizational stressors and develop strategies to reduce them or better cope with them.


It was a great night of learning and discussing topics with these leaders. Many shared personal experiences. Dale challenged them with some deep spiritual fitness questions that they will continue to process over the week. Overall, we were thrilled to go in and serve. Thrilled to have so many in the seats, and thrilled to be doing some serious Kingdom work in the Queen City!


Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection, group of pastors at a round table working on their questions from Dale Fletcher

Please continue to pray with us for our newest flight of leaders!


To learn more about our ReStart Program, click here.