Back To Basics!

Part of the traditions of a new year are "resolutions".  Among the top resolutions on any list are "Exercise More" & "Lose Weight".  For most people that means going Back To Basics It's that time of year when MissionFiT athletes get to "reset" their nutrition habits and/or develop new and better habits. This annual "back to basics" challenge is designed [...]

Write It Down!

We've all done it.  Something important you need to or want to remember comes to mind.  Then you get distracted and forget to Write It Down! When you fail to write down appointments, sometimes you miss them.  Similarly, a food journal is an appointment with your meals.  At first glance, you think "I don't have time to count calories, let [...]


If you are easily pulled away by bells, whistles, questions, kids or other minor interruptions throughout your day, then you know how all-consuming distractions can be when you lose focus & chase down the SQUIRREL!! Remember this scene from the Pixar feature "Up!"?  Chasing the squirrel is a distraction.  An article from Scientific American notes "Our brains have developed a [...]

Building With Protein

When you were a kid, chances are you played with blocks, Lincoln Logs, Lego or even an Erector set.  You start with a base and add a block or there, using the blocks to build up or out creating a strong house.   As well, your body gets stronger by Building With Protein In the same way you build a house [...]

Too Much Sugar!

Before you take your "Sugar In The Morning", make sure you know what you're getting into when you have Too Much Sugar! That's right!  Too much sugar might be sweet...but the sweet quickly turns sour.  Watch what happens when one man gets too much sugar in his coffee!  Convinced?   Aside from the taste, too much sugar can do a lot [...]

Hydrate Regularly

Water covers about 70% of the earth's surface.  Water is about 1/2 - 3/4 of the body's make-up and is an important tool in keeping the body functioning well.  Find out why you should Hydrate Regularly Hydrate...not Hydrant!  God apparently thought a lot about water.  How to use it, when to use it, what to use it for.  [...]


FRUCTOSE Do You Really Want This in Your Diet? A large contributor to the inflammation in the body is the high intake of fructose. With the increased prevalence of high fructose diets in the Western world, understanding the impact of fructose on human health is critical. Fructose contributes to numerous metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and non-alcoholic fatty [...]

Go Green!

Spring has sprung - outside and in the gym.  MissionFiT Athletes get a chance to be creative with an unusual medium - Salads!  Join in the fun and learn more about leafy greens, adding important and necessary nutrients, like protein and healthy fats to a salad and even homemade dressings.  So get ready to Go Green! When we make a [...]

April Fruit Challenge!

Did you know?... Our intake for fruit needs to be about 500grams per day. That looks like about 1 pound of fruit a day. Did you know that not all fruits are equal? Did you know that there's a ton of micronutrients in fruit?! And I bet we could shock you with a few that you didn't even realize were [...]

Eat Your Vegetables!

If you were more a "junk food junkie" than a vegan off the farm, chances are you heard your mother repeat those same words.  Now, Coach K is challenging MissionFiT athletes to: Eat Your Vegetables! That's right.  It's time take your nutrition challenge to the next level and eat more vegetables.  In fact, Coach K has set the bar pretty [...]