Choices Create Habits

How Bad Choices Create Bad Habits If you follow Tony Evans, maybe you've heard his take on "A Messed Up Nation".  Evans' explanation really boils down to the choices we make in life.  And bad choices can and usually do create bad habits. In Evans' estimation, the first bad choice would be a decision to not follow God.  However, good [...]

The Good & Bad of Coffee

"Java Jive": Let's Learn Some Good & Bad About Coffee The 1940 tune "Java Jive" , popularized by The Ink Spots & The Manhattan Transfer, opens "I love coffee, I love tea...".  If you love a morning pick-me-up, then keep reading.  You'll want to learn more about the good & bad about coffee! The Good Coffee does have several "ups", [...]

“Mind”-ing What You Eat

Learn A Few Tricks To "Mind"-ing What You Eat Losing weight can be hard work.  You lift the weights and run, bike or walk the miles but are you "mind'-ing what you eat?  Even though you watch what you eat, the weight stubbornly refuses to budge.  Maybe the problem is how you eat. "Mind"-ing What I Eat? Essentially, being aware [...]

What’s On Your Food?

Do You Know What's On Your Food? Sure, you've become a label-reading professional and can spot a sugar hidden underneath 15 other ingredients.  You may know what's IN your food, but do you know what's ON your food? Someone Knows What's On Your Food The Environmental Working Group (EWG) knows what's on your food.  Well, at least on the produce [...]

“Sunshine Makes You Happy”

 "Sunshine on Your Shoulders" Does Make Your Body Happy As it turns out, John Denver wasn't just whistling Dixie.  Sunshine, or the Vitamin D it helps your body produce, makes your body happy.  That's because Vitamin D deficiency is a real health concern, but one that is easily treatable. Vitamin D Does More For Your Body The folks at Natural [...]

The Individuality of Weight Loss

Weight Loss Is As Individual As You Are! The Bible tells us that we are "fearfully & wonderfully made".  Also, that God "knit [us] together in [our] mother's womb".  In the original Hebrew, these statements mean: great reverence, heart-felt interest, and with respect (Fearfully) unique and set apart (Wonderfully) We are unique.  Individuals meant to live out our lives as [...]


Does Your Weight Need A Helping Hand?  Consider Probiotics Almost every yogurt commercial touts the importance of enjoying the product as a way to help you keep your gut healthy with probiotics.  But what are probiotics and why are they important to you? What Are Probiotics? Basically, probiotics are “good bacteria”.  The body contains both good and bad bacteria.  The [...]

Collagen: “The Fountain Of Youth”?

Is Collagen "The Fountain of Youth"? Maybe the "Fountain of Youth" is a myth.  A place where, just by bathing in its waters, one could regain a youthful appearance, even in old age.  Even Ponce de Leon supposedly sailed from Spain to find this promise of eternal youth.  But maybe, the "fountain of youth" is closer than we think.  Let's [...]

A Primer On Magnesium

Magnesium Is More Than Just A Mineral.  Here's A Short Primer! Overall, the body contains 102 different minerals.  This short primer discusses Magnesium, one of seven "Major" minerals your body needs to function efficiently.    Many are trace minerals, but today we will learn a little more about Magnesium, the types of Magnesium and why it's important for your health. [...]

Macros: Building Blocks To Good Health

Using Macros & Building A Healthy Lifestyle If you’re into fitness on any level, you’ve no doubt heard of “Macros”.   Macros can be the building blocks toward your good health.  But a lack of these nutrients can also break your body down. So what DO you know about them and do you know how to use them for your benefit? [...]