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Last week, a coach from our Iron Eagles Foundation had the opportunity to do a seminar with this semester’s Air Force ROTC PT leaders. Each semester two new cadets are given an opportunity to lead the Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6am fitness piece of the program. This is an opportunity for these guys to work on their leadership skills and a fun way to do it…at least we think so! 😉 However, we wanted to give them a few extra tools in their tool belt to have their most successful year ever. Here was our post experience AAR (After Action Report)…..

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What bright and polite, young leaders the UNCC ROTC program has developed! It was a great experience overall and these leaders are ready to take their cadet’s fitness game to a whole new level. It was a lot of information quickly, but they kept up. We primarily covered:


  • How to move

  • How to teach movement

  • How to coach and cue movement

  • How to modify movement

  • Programming


Iron Eagles Serves Air Force ROTC, air force cadets doing their fitness run as a group


Once we started digging into the material the guys had tons of great questions. How can I modify a movement to make sure someone doesn’t cheat reps? How can I tell if someone is truly hurt or just sandbagging? We struggle with having essentially three fitness levels within the group. Is there a best practice way to work around that with programming?…and many more.

Our last day together, we did some general strategy planning exercises for the semester to get their brains moving towards ways to obtain their fitness goals for the group.

“At the end, we left encouraged to have made a difference, sad to leave such wonderful people, and wanting to join the Air Force! ;)”

We hope to continue our efforts strong at the college this semester and in the semesters to come. We are thankful for these strong organizations building up the men and women serving our country. And we are more than thankful for the men and women serving our country!

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