Highlights from our Valentine’s EventsThree Women Helpng Each Other Carry Four Kettlebells Between Them


Two recent ministry events:

  1. Our In-class Valentine’s Day “Partner” Workout

  2. Our Valentine’s Day Dinner & Demo

MissionFiT Athletes Highlight Our Valentine’s Events Through…

  • Education
  • Encourage
  • Equip


Many people go about weight loss, fitness, health and wellness guessing what works based on what a friend told them or some app or internet blog.  But MissionFiT teaches athletes specifics about health and wellness for the long haul, not just those “last stubborn 5 pounds”.  So when a MissionFit athlete wanders from the wellness path, that athlete has the benefit of knowledge supported by fact, not fiction.   So that athlete can turn set-backs into victories.


Many studies prove the benefits of participating in regular group workouts.  Even if only one other person joins you in the sweat box, you encourage each other and give each other that little extra push to finish strong.  But encouragement doesn’t stop there.  As athletes form friendships outside the gym they, through those bonds, help each other become stronger all-around people.  These strengths spill into their family and professional lives.


Consistency and continuity are key to reaching any long term life change, not just health goals.  And MissionFiT works to ensure athletes, at any level, perform their best in and out of the classroom and gym.  But the most important aspect of MissionFiT is…


Making friends and meeting others along the journey to health and wellness is a great boost to everyone on the journey.  In fact, there’s nothing like knowing someone else is traveling the same route you are, experiencing similar set-backs or victories and cheering for you just as enthusiastically as you cheer for them.

Here’s the photo album from our in class Valentines event:


Here’s the photo album from our Valentines dinner event:


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