Trek Through Turkey!

Summer's here!  That means it's time for MissionFiT's Summer Journey.   This year, we Trek Through Turkey! Unlike past challenges, in which singles or teams of athletes walk, rode, skipped, swam or jumped their way through the challenges.  However, Trek Through Turkey participants face some brand new rules to follow.  Still, this year's challenge looks to be fun for young and [...]

ISI Workout #4

So close...yet so far away.  It's time for ISI Workout #4 Get your running pants on!  At last, Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) workout # 4 is here.  And the finish line is only 2 miles away!  Recall, this annual event pits athletes from all over the city against each other in a friendly fitness competition.  For more information on the [...]

ISI Workout #3

The middle of the month means the middle of Iron Sharpens Iron and ISI Workout #3 Wow!   The Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) Workout #3 is here.  If you didn't pace yourself during the last two workouts, then you have another shot with this one.  Think about your performance during the last 2 workouts.  Was the weight you chose too heavy?  [...]

2022 Teen Summer Program

Looking for a local alternative to summer camp?  Look no further than... MissionFiT's 2022 Teen Summer Program Although the focus of MissionFiT is primarily to work with adults, summer is a wonderful time to help the next generation of Christian leaders become "FiT for their Mission".   That's why MissionFiT's 2022 Teen Summer Program seeks to Educate, Encourage and Equip students [...]

ISI 2022 Workout #2

It's the second week in May 2022 and time for ISI 2022 Workout #2 Hopefully, you are well rested and ready for the next Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) 2022 Workout #2.  So take a minute to review your performance.  How did you fair with Week #1?   Did you learn something you can take to this workout like a need for [...]

ISI 2022 Workout #1

ISI 2022 Workout #1 If you are new to the MissionFiT Life, then you are in for a treat!  The ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron) 2022 Workout #1 is here.  This annual event pits MissionFiT athletes from all over the city against each other in a friendly fitness competition.  You've had a little time to mentally prepare yourself for this year's [...]

ISI Athletic Challenge

May means warmer temperatures, pretty flowers and "Spring Fever".  For MissionFiT Athletes, it's time for the ISI 4th Annual Athletic Challenge 2022 marks the fourth year for the Iron Sharpens Iron (ISI) Athletic Challenge.  ISI is a staple in the gym and one athletes look forward to...usually.  Similar to the CrossFit Open, it's a chance for all MissionFiT Athletes to [...]

April Fruit Challenge!

Did you know?... Our intake for fruit needs to be about 500grams per day. That looks like about 1 pound of fruit a day. Did you know that not all fruits are equal? Did you know that there's a ton of micronutrients in fruit?! And I bet we could shock you with a few that you didn't even realize were [...]

2022 New-Trition Challenge Winners

The MissionFiT New-Trition Challenge 2022 Names Winners! The first nutrition challenge for the new year was all-inclusive as all MissionFiT athletes weighed-in and logged-in approximately two months worth of meals, water and snacks during this challenge.  Now the time for final weigh-in and assessment is here and it's time to announce this year's 2022 New-Trition Challenge Winners.  If you don't [...]

2022 New-Trition Challenge

MissionFiT's 2022 New-Trition Challenge! New-Trition?  Sure!  New Year = New-Trition.  Get it?  If not, then you aren't participating in MissionFiT's 2022 New-Trition Challenge.  This annual 6 week challenge is designed to help MissionFiT athletes get back on track with healthy eating habits after the holidays.  So whether you are new to the family or a seasoned veteran in the community, [...]