The Young At Heart

Olympic Sporting Events For The Young & The Young At Heart Who is the youngest Olympian to compete?  Or the oldest Olympian?  Does it matter?  Well, not really. No matter your age, there are sports and events for the young & the young at heart.  Let's find out more! Olympic Events For Every Age  Of the 33 sports represented in [...]

Fútbol And Softball!

Are The Athens Adventurers Playing Fútbol And Softball? If you're watching television, you've already noticed that the XXXII (32nd) Olympiad of the "modern era" begins early with round robin games of Fútbol (Soccer), Softball & Rowing.   Our Athens Adventurers haven't had to row or "Scull" yet, but they have played abbreviated games of soccer & softball. Fútbol? So tells [...]

Around Athens In 80 Days

MIssionFiT Continues To Adventure Around Athens In 80 Days! There are many country teams participating in MissionFiT's "Adventure To Athens" Summer Challenge.  So it seems like every corner of the globe is walking around Athens in 80 days! Where Have They Been Around Athens In 80 Days? Remember the 1956 film Around The World In 80 Days?  Phineas Fogg and [...]

Learn About The Leaders

Let's Learn About The Leaders On MissionFiT's Adventure To Athens This summer's MissionFiT Journey is all about Adventuring To Athens.  But what of the countries participating in this "race"?  Let's take a minute to learn a little more about the leaders! Learn About The Leaders Since the virtual race to Athens, Greece began in June, three country teams have led [...]

Forge Through The Greek Empire

MissionFiT Athletes Forge Their Way Through Greek The Empire No doubt you've heard of or even played the popular game "Forge of Empires".  The object is to build a city beginning in the Stone Age through to the colonization of Venus.   MissionFiT Teams don't have to go quite that far.  Their interest is how far they forge their way through [...]

How Far Is Athens?

MissionFiT Teams Keep Up The Pace All The While Asking "How Far Is Athens, Anyway?" A De Havilland DHC-8 400 Series operated by Olympic Air Our intrepid travelers are keeping a good pace, virtually visiting each city and learning a little history along the way.  While the teams are a little closer to their goal, we ask "How [...]

Two Miles, No Sweat!

You, Too, Can Reach "Two Miles, No Sweat!" Adventuring To Athens Many teams have already hit two cities with no sweat and found that three cities were better yet.  See which countries have forged ahead while singing "One Mile, No Good!  Two Miles, No Sweat!" Adventure to Athens Recap Two weeks ago, twenty MissionFiT teams began the Adventure To Athens [...]

Traveling Toward Athens!

Keep Up With MissionFiT Athletes Traveling Toward Athens This summer, MissionFiT-ers are traveling toward Athens, Greece in a conquest for Olympic Gold (or at least bragging rights!).  The 2021 Summer Challenge "Adventure To Athens" began June 7, 2021.  Since then 20 different teams are logging miles on foot, wheel or water (swimming) to become the first in their divisions to [...]

A “Method” To The Madness

There Is A "Method" To Running Madness.  Learn To Run Efficiently! Many of us believe that once we tie up the shoe laces and head outdoors we are ready to run.  However, it isn't that easy.  MissionFiT offers a short seminar to teach athletes run mechanics through the Pose Method.  Take some time to adjust bad habits and learn the "method" [...]

MissionFiT’s New Class

Come Join MissionFiT's Newest Class:  RECLAIM MissionFiT is intentional about helping folks help themselves, especially when those folks are in the tougher times of life.  Maybe you or someone you know is in a season of life that seems everything sets off a new problem until the camel has taken on his last straw.  If so, then Reclaim, MissionFiT's newest [...]