Turkey Trot 5K

Lace up your running shoes and strap on your pack because it's time for MissionFiT's Turkey Trot 5K! Join MissionFiT athletes in giving thanks by giving back to two local non-profit agencies while completing a (very) local Turkey Trot 5K.  The rules are simple and the route is simpler.  All you need is a good pair of running shoes, a [...]

Stretching Under The Stars

Let's look at some benefits to Stretching Under The Stars When you think of "stretching under the stars", images on pup tents, clear moonless skies and peaceful sounds of nature may flow through your imagination.  But the folks at MissionFiT aren't referring to a mid-summer's eve camping trip, or even a stay-cation in your backyard with your kids. Practicing Yoga [...]

Adventure to Athens Winners

It's been a long, hot summer!  But MissionFiT Teams ran, swam, walked, hiked and even "flew" all around Greece to reach Athens! Who Are The Adventure To Athens Winners? Not only did these teams log in miles, but they also learned about different sports featured in the Olympic Games.  Sports such as Golf, Table Tennis and Archery were featured along [...]

New Restore Plan This Fall

MissionFiT is growing and with that growth come some change and updates to existing classes.  So take a minute and Check Out The New Restore Plan This Fall! Not only is there a new ReStore plan coming, but now MissionFiT is adding additional classes dedicated to the healing of the body.  These classes include physical therapy and a special night [...]

Physical Therapy For Women

MissionFiT welcomes local Physical Therapist Kristin Hietbrink conducting a health seminar Physical Therapy For Women So, isn't physical therapy for women and men? Well, the topic for consideration is the Pelvic Floor.  Kristin, owner of Core Connect Physical Therapy and Wellness, is an orthopedic, sports medicine and pelvic floor physical therapist with 18+ years of experience.  Also, her specialty is [...]

Stories To Share

With the official ending of the XXXII Olympiad comes a time of reflection.  Not just which country took home the most medals or which athlete was the biggest stand-out in his or her sport.  But also the special stories we don't always hear about.  So, MissionFit wants to take a few minutes to give you Olympic Stories To Share One [...]

Time To ReStart!

Fall Means It's Time To ReStart The Heart! The MissionFiT ministry is growing daily.  New members are becoming athletes almost weekly.  So now, it's time to ReStart Your Heart!  That's right!  MissionFiT's "101" course is set to begin two new groups of athletes in August and September of 2021.  Some have already visited established classes during the summer and want [...]

Getting The Mind “Right”

The XXXII Olympiad is almost over.  In the end, some athletes participating in the 339 medaled events will take home at least one medal.  However, over 10,000 athletes are competing in this Olympic Games.  So begs the question: How Are They Getting The Mind "Right"? Every athlete, whether amateur or professional, must learn a few things about getting the mind [...]

The Young At Heart

Olympic Sporting Events For The Young & The Young At Heart Who is the youngest Olympian to compete?  Or the oldest Olympian?  Does it matter?  Well, not really. No matter your age, there are sports and events for the young & the young at heart.  Let's find out more! Olympic Events For Every Age  Of the 33 sports represented in [...]

Fútbol And Softball!

Are The Athens Adventurers Playing Fútbol And Softball? If you're watching television, you've already noticed that the XXXII (32nd) Olympiad of the "modern era" begins early with round robin games of Fútbol (Soccer), Softball & Rowing.   Our Athens Adventurers haven't had to row or "Scull" yet, but they have played abbreviated games of soccer & softball. Fútbol? So Dictionary.com tells [...]