LeaderFiT Week 9 in Review

LeaderFiT Week 9 in Review Heading into the home stretch here for our LeaderFiT athletes! Ten weeks of tracking the building blocks of a healthy temple is coming to an end.   It'll be a tight race... this week between McCrory and Klinect. Klinect has been at McCrory's heels for several weeks now! Last week's special challenge for extra points [...]

3 Simple Forms of Self-Care That Improve Your Mental Health

3 Simple Forms of Self-Care That Improve Your Mental Health Guest Blogger from selfcaring.info/   “Self-care” has become a bit of a buzzword of late. It is a major wellness trend, with Shape.com reporting that over half of millennial women had made self-care their main New Year’s resolution for 2018. Because of this, it can be easy to dismiss self-care as [...]

Week 5 LeaderFiT Challenge in Review

Well FiT family, it looks like our mid-way winner is Pastor Patrick McCrory with 425 points!   Patrick... had a slower start the first few weeks until week 3 where he blew it out of the water with a spiritual rest day and racked up some serious mileage in the special weekly challenge. Since then, he’s had his game face [...]

Church at Charlotte’s, Nic Schrieber, Inspires All to Take Action on Their Health

Meet Nic Schrieber, Church at Charlotte’s Middle School Pastor. Nic is a recent graduate from MissionFiT's "ReStart Your Heart" Program. Be inspired this Testimony Tuesday by his wellness journey and experience though the program. He has a great story of transformation and can really ‘drop the mic’ when it comes to the Gospel. ;) So without further adieu…..meet Nic!   [...]

Meet Ministry Leader, Laura, Whose Goal is Longevity!

Meet Laura Schrieber, wife of Pastor Nic Schrieber at Church at Charlotte’s main campus. Laura is a recent graduate from MissionFiT's "ReStart Your Heart" Program! Learn her wellness journey story and experience though the program. Many leaders come in with the goal of ‘lose 30 pounds’, ‘clean up my nutrition’, or ‘get consistent in working out again’. Laura was an [...]

Pastors Find Success in ReStart Your Heart Wellness Program

“SUCCESS” describes this last flight of Pastors completing our “ReStart Your Heart” beginner wellness program.     Our hope and prayer is always that these pastors and leaders would become Faithful in Training so they can be FiT for the mission to which the Lord has called them...and we know God heard us!   This group came eight weeks ago; [...]

MissionFiT’s Graduation Night for Pastors in ReStart Your Heart!

Class of April 2018!  

ReStart Your Heart Mid-Program Movement Collage

Here's just a few pics from the first half of this flight's ReStart Your Heart experience! These pastors are crushing their goals and seeing lots of transformation in multiple areas of their lives. We couldn't be more proud of them!  

Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection

We had a great Launch Night with Faith & Health Connection for our newest flight of Christian leaders going through the "ReStart Your Heart" Program!     Founder, Kelsey Elmore, opened the night up with a short welcome keynote on "You're health is not all about you". In a leadership role, your presence and performance is paramount. So your health and [...]

Next Flight of Pastors Launching into Restart Your Heart Program and we Need YOUR Help!

Our next flight of Pastors are launching into the ReStart Your Heart Program in February!     We have Christian Leaders from 3 different Charlotte churches in this flight: Nic & Laura Schrieber, Church at Charlotte- Southpark       Brian & Tamika Duley, Nikao Church   Carmel Baptist Church Leadership Team, Carmel Baptist Church   .....stay tuned for these [...]