LeaderFiT Challenge – Week 4 in Review


This week we saw some names revived to the Leaderboard but our headliner remained strong. We have one major player still out, so we will see how that shakes up the Leaderboard with him returning home this week. These superhero pastors are crushing it!


LeaderFiT Challenge - Week 4 in Review, the word challenge in red


After Week 4, here’s our Leaderboard standings:


Patrick McCrory – 344

Kenny Klinect – 320

Laura Schrieber – 208

Nic Schrieber – 192

Jon Freeman – 184

Jay Hancock – 166

*David Miller is the one to be watching with his arrival home this week, as he was in our top standings when he left.


As you know, each week, we have a special challenge where additional bonus points can be racked up. Last week’s special challenge was a pushup challenge. 1 point awarded for every for every 20 pushups completed. Low hanging fruit here is what I like to call this. 20 pushups is a great easy quick break away from the office chair/computer. An easy waiting for something to nuke in the microwave. An easy low key workout while watching tv.


While McCrory was our leader in push-ups with a whopping 300 reps last week, Schrieber (Nic) was right behind with 260, Klinect right behind him with 200 and Laura Schrieber with 180. Just under 1,000 push-ups were completed by this fantastic four. Way to go athletes!


After a few weeks of training hard and having some rather taxing special challenges, this week’s special challenge is mobility. An opportunity to recover well before taking it back up.



We had a big announcement for our athletes too this week. The LeaderFiT programming now bumps up to 3 days a week, however, that 3rd day is an endurance workout provided for them to do on their own. Special stretches and drills followed by a workout where they can work their new found improved skills and metabolic conditioning.




Continue to follow the movement of these Leaders, here over the next month.