How Mobility & Massage Affect Toxicity In The Body

Did you know that working mobility and massage into your routine can help your body rid itself of toxins?  Folks turn to many remedies to help live cleaner lives.  Choosing whole foods over processed foods, essential oils over medications and a myriad of other remedies help folks from all walks of life heal from any number of maladies.  So, how can mobility & massage help detox the body?

Mobility, Massage and ToxicityWhat Is A Toxin?

When you think of toxins you might think of smog, coal dust or even drinking water.  Consider the effects on an entire city population in Flint, Michigan after a change in it’s municipal water source in 2014.  Even Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND, notes that “…toxins were largely limited to occupational exposure” and “Doctors didn’t consider the rest of the population to be at risk.” In his book, The Toxin Solution: How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use Are Destroying Our Health–AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO FIX ITDr. Pizzorno notes 8 ways that toxins damage the body, including:

  • Damage to Organs
  • Creating Hormone Imbalance
  • Damage to DNA

Read the article, How Toxins Cause Disease from the Institute For Natural Medicine to learn more.  You can also listen in on a podcast from The Integrative Pain Science InstituteThe Toxin Solution with Dr. Joseph Pizzorno.

Mobility & Massage Affect Toxicity, Too

Massage therapy can be useful in the release of toxins from the body.  According to the folks at Focus Physiotherapy, “By improving the body’s circulation, [massage] helps the body’s tissues receive adequate nutrition and improves venous return.”  In addition, “The body’s visceral organs can be supported through the use of massage and its benefits to circulation. The kidneys and liver can be addressed through massage techniques that use compression.”  Read up on How Massage Therapy Releases Toxins From The BodyMobility, Massage and Toxicity

SMFR’s Place in Massage

Self-Myofascial Release (SMFR) is another term for self-massage.  MissionFiT workouts advocate SMFR through the use of mobility balls to assist you in massaging different parts of the body before and after workouts.  And remember, MissionFiT’s new class, RESTORE, is focused specifically on mobility and stretching techniques to help your body heal itself.

But Don’t Forget Your Water!

As much as Coach K harps on athletes to drink plenty of water after workouts, her words are backed up by science andMobility, Massage and Toxicity leading coaches, nutritionists and athletes alike.

Drink the right stuff – Dr. Kelly Starrett

Geoff Price, Coach and Contributor to The Ready State, tells us why water is better than anything else when it come to ensuring the body is hydrated properly.  Read the full article here.

In addition, Dr. Starrett also considers the importance of salt as an overlooked mineral to help the body to remain hydrated.  In his article, Chase Salt, Dr. Starrett advocated the use of quality salt as a way to feed the body much needed electrolytes without the use of “sports” drinks.

“Table Salt Is…Crap”

Dr. Starrett notes that consuming quality salt is like drinking pure water,  So he equates table salt with tap water, explaining “When it comes to salt, you want to stick with natural stuff like Himalayan pink sea salt, Aztec salt, Celtic, or Redmond’s brand sea salt.”  Dr. Starrett also recommends different ways to “Chase Salt”, including:

  • Adding Salt To Water
  • Making Salty Bone Broth

So, consider using mobility and and/or massage as ways to help you journey into cleaner living!

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