Christian Fitness is what MissionFiT is all about. Being FiT (Faithful in Training) for His mission in every way possible: heart, mind, soul, strength.


We often talk about the “what and how”, but rarely the “why”, which is perhaps even more important.

Christian Fitness - the why, black and white dart board with the word why written in the middle circle, how is written in the second and what is written in the third


I once heard a pastor say, “our stories are worth sharing”. So here’s mine.


I fell in love and married “the fitness guy”. A pro MMA fighter at the time, but fitness had always been a significant part of his life. His next chapter in life, once we were married, was personal training. Soon enough, I followed in those fitness footsteps and became a trainer myself. Over time we opened a few gyms and watched them grow. At first, being a trainer was a cool job for me. I loved coaching. I loved helping people.


Quickly, though, I began to have a heightened awareness of people’s health. You know like when you never notice the white jeeps on the road, but then your best friend purchases one and suddenly you start to notice them everywhere. It refocuses your view. That’s what happened to me with health and wellness. More and more I began to see how poor health negatively affected believers’ day to day lives. More and more I began to see (paraphrase) “The thief that comes only to steal and kill and destroy”. More and more I began to see the desperate need. Over the last decade, that “cool job” turned into a passionate mission. A mission to restore physical health to people so they can live the full life God desired for them.  


A desire to use my gift for others.

A desire to go where there’s a need.

A desire to see God’s grace on display.


Christian Fitness - the why, the word grace in white is written in cursive on grey wood


So birthed, MissionFiT; the opportunity to use what’s in my hands.

MissionFiT is a ministry that restores health to people so they can live life to the fullest. Our vision is to restore the physical health of the body of Christ so it’s members can thrive in life, joyfully living out the mission they have been given to complete while here on earth. 


How are YOU using what’s in your hands?