Simply Southern, Seventy-Three, and Still Smashing Workouts!

Simply Southern, Seventy-Three, and Still Smashing Workouts!

Meet Kay – one of our sweetest athletes yet. She’s a Southern Belle, newly turned 73 year old, and smashing workouts daily! Never too old to get stronger, fitter, faster. Age is just a number!

I live in Matthews, N. C. with my husband, Sherman, and daughter, Sally Hentz.  After 44+ years In the financial/banking industry I finally retired. Now, I’m an even more active member (along with my family) of Carmel Baptist Church where I currently serve on the finance committee.  I also volunteer in other various capacities as the need arises.  

I am an encourager and have a passion for helping others, like assisting at a local nursing home, and crocheting and knitting items to those less fortunate.

I enjoy joining mission trips to other countries. Our family travels throughout the US and internationally quite a bit. We have hiked in many of our National Parks as well as in Israel and most recently in Turkey. At times I tend to take on too much and have had to learn to say ‘no’. But at it’s core, it’s because I want to ‘let my light’ shine in my relationship with God, my family and my friends. But I’ve learned balance is key!

MissionFiT: When you think of your fitness journey, what 3 words come to mind? 

Pain – without pain there’s no gain.

Structure – keep at it/push yourself… select a time and place for exercise and stick to it!

Accountability – have a partner who challenges you to keep going and who cheers you on and keeps you motivated.


I have always had an emphasis on fitness; however at times when one gets busy this was the first thing to take a back seat. But what I’ve learned through MissionFiT, is to set a REALISTIC goal; stick to it; meet it; then make another goal.  Don’t set goals too high or too many goals you are certain to fail.  Reach one goal, move to another… then add another. Something as simple as mobilizing- it can make (or break) your exercise for the day!


Some other things I’ve learned and achieved along this journey are:

  • Building in time for spiritual rest – this is key… when this is done everything else will fall into place.
  • Increased my cardio level.
  • Raising my water intake… yes drink water, more water, even more water.

My favorite part of this journey though has been the small group model; the interaction with others and getting to know them better on a personal level … community is everything! However, the provided resources to support my journey packaged with the encouragement needed to take my exercise to the next level is a fighting second.

I’ve seen so much growth in my physical fitness!  I have always been a walker so moving to upper and lower body workouts has been very beneficial to me in the climbs and heights I’ve completed in our recent active vacations.

MissionFiT: Aside from personal relationships, what motivates you on your pursuit of wellness and your fitness journey?

Healthy lifestyle is key in keeping stress under control.  Exercise helps me clear my mind and releases the fears and anxieties, the built up unknowns I allow to fill my brain.  It helps me rid my body and mind of the unnecessary/excess thoughts and things in my life.  Balanced rest is also important to my wellness… take the time for spiritual, active and sleep rest each day.

MissionFiT: What do you feel the connection between faith and health is?

Spending time in reading God’s word and prayer have always been a part of my daily routine.  It’s important and vital to me and has always been since a very early age. The health of christians is important because it’s a personal obedience I feel is necessary in life.

A journey of stewarding health well with MissionFiT provides structure, accountability, and encouragement in a setting that is Christ-like.  No intimidation, do what you can and keep at it!  It’s vital to a healthy life.


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