Amazing G-Race Photo Album

It was a wild weekend with our big LeaderFiT event, Amazing G-Race.

Here’s the official standings:

1st MissionFiT HQ team –  3724 points, time 2:33:33 (+3,000) = 6724

2nd Nikao Church Team A 4547 points, time 2:41:44 (+2,000) = 6547

3rd Nikao Church Team B 4109 points, time 2:44:44 (+1,000) = 5109

Amazing G-Race is one of our favorite events, as it showcases our big G heart; meaning big Gym; kinda like big C Church. Yes, we have intentionality with our athletes individually and class camaraderie but we also have intentionality with bringing our communities across the Queen city together from time to time.  This event is where all our athletes graduating out of the LeaderFiT experience get together for their first team fitness challenge event. We had leaders from several churches across our Queen city represented this weekend and we are so proud of each and every one of them!

They built relationships.

They learned how to work stronger as a team.

They learned how to leverage giftings and strengths for the sake of the team and put themselves aside. We is greater than me!

They learned how deeply they care about their team and don’t want to let them down.

They lived the Gospel.

They challenged their Bible knowledge.

They experienced an upward, inward, and outward event. Upward – remembering who gave them their strength to complete such an event. Remembering (or for some finding out for the first time) that they do have what it takes. Remembering that they are part of a community that is FOR them. Community is everything.
They personally experienced how Iron Sharpens Iron.
And they did it with EVERYTHING they had! They gave their all. They came. They conquered.

And we reminded our athletes that the above translates from the mats to the office walls. We encouraged them to:
KNOW your team, don’t just work next to them.
Think FOR the team.
Leverage one another’s strengths so you can ultimately further the Gospel.
Love your team fervently.
Be a strong iron FOR your team.
Serve with EVERYTHING you’ve got. Cause it’s really not everything if you’re not working as a team.