Clean eating at Charlotte’s famous Zeda Jane’s restaurant!

Clean Eating at Charlotte's Famous Zeda Jane's Restaurant, inside the cute building, yellow and purple walls with flower lights and people sitting at the bar

“A gem in wall” is what I like to call these types of places.

It’s not a fancy place but it has a wonderful peaceful atmosphere and killer clean eatin’ food!!! Not to mention the portion sizes are huge so you’ll definitely be bringing home lunch. 😉


People often struggle with going out to eat and staying on their healthy path. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s tons of places in Charlotte where this is possible.

Clean Eating at Charlotte's Famous Zeda Jane's Restaurant, a picture of a big breakfast, egg omelette stuffed with tons of meat and cheese with sweet potatoes on the side

This morning was the morning for tons of emails and paperwork. No better place to knock this list out. Protein bomb of a breakfast…and now for lunch too. If you’re on the east side of town, close to the city, this place is a must try. And I’ll personally put my stamp of approval and recommendation on the “Vegeless Avenger”. Thanks for an awesome morning Zeda Jane’s staff!