MissionFiT welcomes local Physical Therapist Kristin Hietbrink conducting a health seminar

Physical Therapy For Women

So, isn’t physical therapy for women and men? Well, the topic for consideration is the Pelvic Floor.  Kristin, owner of Core Connect Physical Therapy and Wellness, is an orthopedic, sports medicine and pelvic floor physical therapist with 18+ years of experience.  Also, her specialty is treating pregnant and postpartum women.

A Little About Kristen

For Women OnlyShe is passionate about helping women navigate the perinatal period, especially when it comes to fitness.  Kristin provides physical therapy services out of her office in the South Park area and also in-home physical therapy in the greater Charlotte region.

She lives in Matthews with her husband and 3 boys.  She enjoys running, yoga and generally staying fit to keep up with her busy children!

Five Week Seminar For Women Only

Kristen will be teaching a five week seminar explaining what the pelvic floor is, breathing techniques, and even go over related topics like urinary incontinence (TMI anyone?) as well as pregnancy.  Here’s the schedule for the seminar:


Week 1:  Anatomy and physiology.

  • Defining the core and the pelvic floor and learning the importance of alignment and posture for optimal core function.

Week 2:  Breathing and Mobility.

  • Learn the importance of proper diaphragmatic breathing and how it affects core function. Learn specific exercises for connecting your breath to your pelvic floor for optimal pelvic floor function.

Week 3:  Strengthening

  • Learn how to strengthen your core and how to make any exercise a core exercise.
  • Define a kegel, how to do them, who should do them and who shouldn’t do them.  By the way, men can learn kegels, too.

Week 4:  Urinary Incontinence

  • Learn strategies to help reduce leaking when running, jumping, coughing and sneezing and help manage that “gotta go now” feeling

Week 5:  Pregnancy and Postpartum

  • What does it mean to “Listen to your body” ?   What are you listening for?
  • Postpartum return to exercise general guidelines

In-Person Sign Up – $75

Zoom Sign Up – $45

Recording Sign Up – $20


Contact Coach K directly with questions about scheduling, future seminars or anything else related to this training.  The e-mail address is:  Kelsey@missionfitlife.com

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