HED Talks

Let’s Talk About Our Health!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  


Here’s how many “health” conversations occur:

  1. Among co-workers, passing in the hallway or on the elevator (“Hey, I heard you were out with a bad cold.”  “Yeah, now the family is down with it.”)
  2. In your Doctor’s office (“Is there anything else bothering you today?”  “No, doctor.” “OK. Here’s your paperwork and your new prescriptions. See you in one year.  That will be $40.00, please.”)
  3. The “annual assessment” (biometric numbers check) required by most employer health plans these days.  


However, MissionFiT believes Health Education Talks are the better way to think of and talk about health.


Not just a basic “numbers check”, HED Talks are an interactive, fun, easy and free way to get your church or organizational staff and leadership teams thinking about health differently, by considering stress. As participants, you will begin conversations on the toll stress takes on your mind, body, emotions and your spirit and in 1 hour, you and your team will have a better handle on the overall effects of stress on your individual health and some insight into the underlying health of your organization.


The fun doesn’t stop there.  Facilitators will also guide groups to think about what “health” really means and how, as individuals and team members, they can combat stress in their own lives.


Organizations across the Charlotte area have already taken advantage of these talks, including: Evangelical Free Church of America (Quarterly Denomination Meeting), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Annual Leadership Meeting), local churches and nonprofit organizations.


Help your organization awaken to the health of its members by signing up for a HED Talk today!  Contact MissionFiT, info@missionfitlife.com, to find out more and schedule a Health Education Talk for your church or organization.  The only requirements are a group of 10 or more, the willingness to listen and desire for change.


We work for and support strong healthy leaders.  So should you!


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