There Is A “Method” To Running Madness.  Learn To Run Efficiently!

Many of us believe that once we tie up the shoe laces and head outdoors we are ready to run.  However, it isn’t that easy.  MissionFiT offers a short seminar to teach athletes run mechanics through the Pose Method.  Take some time to adjust bad habits and learn the “method” to the madness of running!

Pose Running BasicsA Method to The Madness

Simply put, Pose Running is a method of using your body more efficiently while running.  Dr. Nicholas Romanov developed the Pose Method of running  based on biomechanics and the use of gravity to help reduce running injuries, especially to knees.

As you can see from the diagram on the right, a runner can experience more injury running “heel to toe” as the joints must absorb the impact of the foot hitting the ground.  But with the Pose Method of Running, runners can move much more easily and more fluidly, just by adjusting the body posture to a “pose”, then “falling” forward” and finally “pulling” the back leg up to cycle to the next step.

Method To The Madness of Running Seminar

Below you will find the details on MissionFiT’s one day seminar to help you gain better form and take steps to reduce injury on your runs:

  • Class Is Free
  • June 21, 2021 – Monday @ 1100
  • 6411 Shaftesbury Lane Charlotte NC 28270
  • Any Skill Level Encouraged

Class is open to ANY athlete interested in learning the basics of the Pose Method.  Contact Coach K ( directly to sign-up or if you have questions about the class.  Take advantage of what some LeaderFiT athletes learned in a past seminar.

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